Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Finally....2006 Divas Announced...

Life has been so busy...but the final tally is in!

The Tiara Winners are in bold italics...winners can only win a tiara once.

Most Finals in 2006

Lisa Marie Wilkinson - 44 Finals

Grand Slam Awards
These are for manuscripts which manage to get a first, second, third or more finals.

First - Second - Third - Fourth - Fifth Placements!
Lisa Marie Wilkinson - Fire at Midnight
(Just Won, See Above)

First - Second - Third - Fourth Placements!
Kimberly Howe - Red Diamond
Bev Pettersen - Walk, Trot, Shoot
Diane Ramsay - Impetuous Lady
Jodi Redford - The Trouble with Ghosts
Victoria Wasserman - Lethal Medicine
DeAnne Wildes-Mickelson - Duality

First - Second - Third Placements!

Kathleen Beaver - Snooping in Stilettos
Joanna Barnaba - Fatal Fortune
T. J. Bittick - The Justice Seeker
Christie Craig - To Remember Jenny
Diane Della Maggiora - Eye of the Beholder
Christine Diehm - Scandal's Daughter
Judi Fennell - Beauty and the Best
Sharon Forret - Phantom Spirit
Carla Hughes - To Win a Gladiator
Dorothy Mays - The End of Eden
Tina Novinski-Radcliffe - The Rosetti Curse
Pam Palmer Poulson - See No Evil
Vicky Tharp - In Her Defense
Kathleen Warner - Mesquite
Victoria Wasserman - Longing
Sharon Wray - Flights of Angels
Deb Yates - A Secret Heart

Total Amount of Titles - Three and Above
Christie Craig
Tiara Winner in 2006

Donna Caubarreaux
Kimberly Duffy
Carla Hughes
Victoria Wasserman

Kathleen Beaver
Terry Blain
Mary Ann Chulick
Dani Collins
Robyn Grady
Inara Scott
Carol Webb
Lisa Marie Wilkinson
JL Wilson

Kathy Altman
Amy Atwell
Kerensa Broughman
Catherine Chant
Anne Crowder
Karen Davenport
Gillian Doyle
Carol Ericson
Karen Foley
Caroline Fyffe
Jenny Gardiner
Jennifer Haymore
Elysa Hendricks
Nancy Holland
Kimberley Howe
Erin Hudson
Darynda Jones
Melissa Ann Jones
Christine Keach
Corrina Lavitt
Catherine Leming
Jennie Manlick
Shelia-Rae Z. Mohs
Tina Novinski-Radcliffe
Kristen Painter
Melinda Porter
Theresa Ragan
Stacey Lynn Reimer
Mona Risk
Jane L. Robinson
Cate Rowan
Mary Stahlke
Marian Stevens
Jean Hart Stewart
Anna Sugden
Helen Taylor
Deb Yates

Major congratulations to all the Contest Divas...

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