Thursday, January 24, 2008

2007 Divas - Four Seasons Winners

The Windy City Romance Writers would like to congratulate the winners in the
2007 Four Seasons Contest:

SINGLE TITLE, judged by Michele Bidelspach, Warner Books and Pam Ahearn, The Ahearn Agency:
1st Place: THE TARGET by Beverley Bateman
2nd Place: HERE COMES THE BRIDE by Theresa Ragan
3rd Place: BETTER LATE THAN NEVER by Theresa Ragan

4th Place: HOME FIRES by Suzanne Welsh

SHORT/LONG CONTEMPORARY, judged by Margo Lipschultz, HQN and Michelle Grajkowski, Three Seas Literary Agency:
1st Place: RULES OF NEGOTIATION by Inara Scott (Agent Request)
2nd Place: THREE AND A HALF WEEKS by Heather Foeh (Agent Request)
3rd Place: BAD BOY, GOOD MAN by Anna Sugden
4th Place: SEEING DOUBLE by Carol R. Wood

HISTORICAL, judged by Tessa Woodward, Avon Books and Elaine English, Elaine English Literary
1st Place: MORGAN'S FOLLY by Dawn Treland Monsees (Agent Request)
2nd Place: DESIRE & BRIMSTONE by Kelly Boyce
3rd Place: LONG ODDS OF LOVE by Alleyene Dickens
4th Place: HEAVEN SENT by Deb Yates

FANTASY/FUTURISTIC/FANTASY/FUTURISTIC/PARANORMAL, judged by Leah Hultenschmidt, Dorchester Publishing and Roberta Brown
1st Place: THE ACCIDENTAL DEMON SLAYER by Angie Fox Gwinner (Editor Request)
2nd Place: UNDO THE NIGHT by Brenda Nelson-Davis
3rd Place: SHADOWALKER by Sena Conway

HERO GUARANTEED TO BLOW YOU AWAY, judged by Pattie Steele-Perkins, Steele-Perkins Literary Agency:
1st Place: ORACLE MOON by Maria Martin
2nd Place: DESIRE & BRIMSTONE by Kelly Boyce
3rd Place: THE SHAPESHIFTER'S SECRET by Kelly Moore
4th Place: SHADOWALKER by Sena Conway

Congratulations to everyone!

Upward movement in blue...

Eight Finals........
Abigail Strom
Deb Yates
Six Finals......
Cathy Leming
Cat Schield
Lisa Marie Wilkinson - SOLD!
Five Finals.....
Yvonne L. Harris
Cathy Leming
Annie Oortman
Beth Watson
Four Finals....

Vanetta Chapman
Gail Foreman - SOLD!

Kristina McMorris
DeAnne Wildes-Mickelson - SOLD
Three Finals...
Amy Baldwin
Margaret Batschelet

Laurel Bradley
Angie Fox Gwinner
L. Faye Hughes
Donna Kowalczyk
Lorrie Kruse
Nancy Lytle
Virginia McCullough
Laurel O'Donnell
Bobbie O'Keefe

Cathy Perkins
Erica Ridley
Leslie Tentler
Victoria Wasserman
Two Finals..

Kelly Boyce
Kerensa Brougham
Shirley Cayer
Sena Conway
Lisa Cooke
Suzan Dickinson
Danica Favorite-McDonald

Mary Fechter
Joan Goodman

Robin Haseltine
Carla Hughes
Sandy James
Heather Logan Kaufman

Lesli Muir Lytle
Barbara Longley
Donna Maloy

Anitra McLeod
Micqui Miller

Kelly Moore
Patricia Morgan
Brenda Nelson-Davis
Pamela Nissen/Nissin
Cindy Nord
Tracey O'Hara
Kiki Opdenberg

Elaine Powell
Theresa Ragan
Donna Rosenbloom
Jan Scarbrough

Inara Scott
Kaki Warner
Suzanne Welsh
Kit Wilkinson

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