Monday, March 19, 2012

2011 Divas - TARA Contest Winners

Tampa Area Romance Writers would like to congratulate the following winners of the 2011 Tara Contest.
INSPIRATIONAL - JoAnne Simmons - Barbour Books
1st Place - Where the Heart Leads by Carol Post
2nd Place - All The Blue of Heaven by Virginia Munoz
3rd Place - Busy Bree by Sarah Forgrave
HISTORICAL - Deb Werksman - Sourcebooks
1st Place - Prodigal Gun by Kathleen Rice Adams
2nd Place - The Caged Heart by Carla Swafford
3rd Place - Prey of the Huntress by Marlene Urso
PARANORMAL - Leah Hultenschmidt - Dorchester
1st Place - Paradox by Isis Rushdan
2nd Place - Vampire Troubles by Meredith Allen Conner
3rd Place - Trouble in Mind by Donna S. Frelick
SERIES CONTEMPORARY - Wanda Ottewell - Harlequin
1st Place - Her Royal Secret by Chris Weston
2nd Place - Cyrano At Your Service by Tamra Baumann
3rd Place - Southern Comfort by Robin Covington
WOMEN'S FICTION - Amy Pierpont - Grand Central
1st Place - A Death That Lingers by Kaylie Newell
2nd Place - It's Not Me, It's You by Orly Konig-Lopez
3rd Place - Restoration by Vickie Price Taylor
ROMANTIC SUSPENSE - Peter Senftleben - Kensington
1st Place - The House On Forest Bend by Susan Muller
2nd Place - The Princess' Assassin by Katie McCurdy
3rd Place - All Or Nothing by Dixie Brown
SINGLE TITLE - Jhanteigh Kupihea - NAL
1st Place - Hammer and Nails by Barbara Kroon
2nd Place - Another You by Lisa Deon
3rd Place - Murder, Curlers, and Cruises by Arlene McFarlane
Upward movement on Diva List is in blue...
Seven Finals...
Nan Dixon
Averil Reisman
Five Finals...
Ash Krafton
Camryn Rhys
Four Finals...
Kathleen Rice Adams
Jeanell Bolton
Louisa Cornell
Sarah Elizabeth Ladd
Ellen Lindseth
Isis Rushdan
Rebecca Sampson
Kristine B. Thompson
Robin Weaver
Stephanie Winkelhake
Three Finals...
Jerrie Alexander
Veronica Blade
Elizabeth Bysiek
Tamara Carr
Vivienne Courtoise
Marni Donnelly-Folsom
Laura Drake
Anita Mae Draper
Eileen Emerson
Jennifer McQuiston
Michaela Moore
Linda O'Dwyer
Ellen Russell
Jane Sevier
Rebecca Skrabl
Virginia Taylor
Marlene Urso
Two Finals...
Sarah Andre
Colette Auclair
Lynda Bailey
Rachael Blair
Valerie Bowman
Jennifer Bray-Weber
Susan Breeden
Harley Brooks
Kimila Bowling
Lisa Chaplin
Kathleen Cherry
Meredith Allen Conner
Robin Covington
Stefani de Ravin
Jeanne Dickson
Caroline Dunsheath
Leanne Farrell
Stanalei Fletcher
Chris Anna Fullerton
Diane Garner
Pamela Gibson
Richard Hacker
Jacqueline Harris
Karen Dale Harris
Gwen Hernandez
Lisa Hilleren
Shanyn Hosier
Monique Insalaco
Samantha Ann King
Carolyn LaFever
Melissa Landers
Vanessa Lee
Rebecca Lees
Leisl Leighton
Heather Leonard
Miranda Liasson
Katherine Lowry Logan
Debra Maher
Hanna Martine
Virginia McCullough
Arlene McFarlane
Maggie McGinnis
Crista McHugh
Donna Meier
Susan Muller
Virginia Munoz
Jacqui Nelson
Cindy Nord
Naomi Rawlings
Elizabeth Roadifer
Susanna Rogers
Kathleen Bittner Roth
Elaine Schwetz
Sherri Shackleford
Michelle Sharp
Laura Sheehan
Madeline Smyth
Sharon Struth
Bronwyn Stuart
Carla Swafford
Sarah Tanner
Janis Thereault
Wanda Thomas
Beth Watson
Chris Weston
Lynn Wilson
Judith Wherett
Barbara Claypole White
Kevin Wolf
Sharon Wray
Christine Wunch
Casey Wyatt

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