Monday, December 27, 2010

2009 Divas Tiara Award Winners

It's that time of the year again when all the contests with 2009 deadlines have been announced.
There were 1,479 contest placements during the year.
These are the ladies who have won a Tiara for their efforts. Please send your snail mail address to

Ann-Marie Carroll
Nancy Evertz
Patricia Patton
Kathleen Bittner Roth

Eighteen Finals:

Kathleen Bittner Roth and Nancy Evertz
Grand Slam Winners and Finalists:
1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th places!
Anne-Marie Carroll - The Gavel's Echo
Nancy Evertz - Restoring Mitch's Heart
1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th places
Denise Cychosz - Head Games
Kay Hudson - Jinn and Tonic
1st, 2nd, 3rd places
Maree Anderson - Freaks of Greenfield High
Susan Breeden - A Different Beat
Melanie Card - Calling Fire
Deanna Carlyle - Charm School
Meredith Clark - In Deep
Jennifer Conner - Shot in the Dark
Lisa Desrochers - Personal Demons
Nancy Evertz - Redemption
Kelly Fitzpatrick - Pleasant Lake P.D.
Bethany Cunningham Gabbert - Sugar High
Jessica Hunt - Reading the Waters
Julie Johnstone - Decoding Deception
Diane O'Brien Kelly - Death, Taxes and a French Manicure
Barbara Longley - Legend of the Druid Lord
Gabrielle Luthy - Learning How to Stay
Jean Mason - Buried Deep
Jean Mason - Verdict
Cat Schield - Adventures of a Teenage Soothsayer
Laura Williams - The Devil's Mistress
Gail Zerrade - From Bagdad With Love

Author with the most titles:
Patricia Patton (6)
Guardian: Gareth
Love and the Heir
Love and the Murdering Marquis
Love and the Proper Peer
Secret: Nick
The Soldier

Elizabeth Bemis (3)
Edge of Deception
Love and Oreos
Love or Money
Jeanell Bolton (3)
Trail of Blood
Dianne K. Burns (3)
Defending Hope
Frank, Incense and Muriel
White Lace and Promises
Laura Higdon Cumbie (3)
Surviving Nelda
Denise Cychosz (3)
Forces of Nature
Head Games
Will of God
Martha Ferris (3)
A Witch's Wish
The Handfastening
The Protector
Sharon Fisher (3)
Echo 8
Ghost Planet
Kelly Fitzpatrick (4)
Patterns of Love
Pleasant Lake P.D.
The Dog Ate My Teacher
The Insomnia Chronicles
Sherry Foley (3)
A Captive Heart
A Heart on Hold
Switched In Death
Louise Foster (3)
A Soldier in Surburbia
Forty is Fatal
When Daylight Falls
Grace Greene (3)
Beach Rental
Cub Creek
Kincaid's Hope
Yvonne Harris (3)
Rebel Heart
Shadow of Evil
Vilgante's Bride
Tiffinie Helmer (4)
Sharon Houdek (3)
Diary of a Teenage Superhero
Requiem for the Undead
The Second Wife
Diane O'Brien Kelly (4)
Death, Taxes & A French Manicure
Love, Luck and Little Green Men
Minimum Wage
Barbara Cool Lee (3)
Cat's Blood
Off the Deep End
Raven's War
Jean Mason (3)
Buried Deep
Donna Meier (4)
Closure by Death
Dangerous Choices
Dangerous Secrets
Fatal Trust
Elizabeth Pina (4)
After the Storm
Rural Rendezvous
Stealing Best in Show
When Jonny Came
Kathleen Bittner Roth (5)
A Most Unusual Lady
And Then I Loved Him
For the Love of a Lady
The Way of the Wolf
When A Heart Dares
Cat Schield (4)
A Case of Meddling
Adventures of a Teenage Truthseer
Fake Fiancée, True Love
The Christmas Bargain
Michal Scott (4)
All My Sins Remembered
Alone on Earth
Pandora's Box
Possessed by the Past
Susan Shellabarger (3)
A Very Patient Man
Her Poor Dead Husband
Madeline Smyth (3)
Aliya Arabesque
Deus ex Nosferatu
The Loving of Lord Loxley
Tracy St. Hilaire (3)
Apocalypse Daughter: Dystopia
Lady of the Lake
Sandra van der Bogerd (3)
Escape to Terror
No Turning Back
Shades of Gray
Laurel Wanrow (3)
Seaside Sorcery
Wildlife and Winged Boys
Robin Weaver (4)
Ancient Skills
Blue Ridge Fear
Subena's Sacrifice
Soltice of Death
Gina Welborn (3)
Highlands of Peace
The Promise
A Proposal of Grace
Sharon Wray (3)
Guardian's Angel
Guardian's Gift
Midnight Guardian
Gail Zerrade (3)
From Bagdad with Love
Winter Wife

2009 Divas - Golden Heart Winners/Finalists

Contemporary Series Romance

Schield, Cat - Fake Fiancée, Real Love

Holland, Nancy - Games Without Rules
Joyce, Tina - Caught Beneath the Mistletoe
Kellogg, Laurie - Honey, I'm Home
McKenna, Cara - The Reluctant Nude
Oldham, Mary - Laura Takes a Lover
Stelluto, Paula - The Magic Man

Contemporary Series Romance

Platt, Angela - See Jane Run

Howe, Kimberley Ann - Breathless
James, Joleen Wisner - Hometown Star
Joyce, Tina - Wanted: Dead
Stabb, Rochelle - Hollywood Hoodoo

Contemporary Single Title Romance

Selvig, Lizbeth - Songbird

Bemis, Elizabeth
- Love or Money
Booth, Laura Graham - Sharing Spaces
Dixon, Nan/Nancy Evertz - Steel Hearts
Ramsay, Hope - Rules of the Road
Sharpe, Abigail - Who Wants to Marry a Cowboy
Stelluto, Paula - Three Little Words
Whitecarver, Carolyn Ann - Seattle's Best

Historical Romance

Nelson, Jacqui - Between Heaven and Hell

Atwater, Alison
- Good-Timin' Man
Burke, Elisabeth - The Healer
Darago, Jessica - The Serpent's Tooth
Jakes, Jennifer - Rafe's Redemption
Lawrence, Mary - In Longfellow's Keep
Southwick, Clarissa - Overlander

Inspirational Romance

Chase, CJ Eernisse - Unforgiven

Bailey, Lynda - Wild Flower
Gwyn, Keli - Violets and Violins
Wallace, Kristen Leigh - Here Comes the Wedding Planner

Novel with Strong Romantic Elements

Rosen, Patricia O'Dea - A Place at the Table

Binns, Barbara
- Damaged Goods
Connelly, Lisa - The Sinners
Keniston, Chris - When the Bough Breaks
Luthy, Gabrielle - The Lake Effect
McGowan, Maureen - Switching Sides
Sevier, Jane - Fortune's Fool
Willett, Jean - Rescuing Rembrandt


Griffin, Kylie, - Bloodborn – Book One in the Light Blade Series


Conway, A. N. - Something Wicked
Epperson, Donnell - Glorious Misfortune
Fisher, Sharon Lynn - Shadowed
Karpiel, Morgan - The Divine Gate
Snow, Katrina - The Perfect Adventure
Thrall, J. Keely - Honor Bound
Weaver, Robin - Ancient Skills

Regency Historical Romance

Beatty, Elisa - A Most Improper Gentleman

Chow, Grace - Her Husband's Harlot
Enlund, Robyn - A Whiff of Scandal
Layne, Gillian - To Seduce a Proper Rogue
Snow, Heather - Sweet Enemy
Stock, Elizabeth - My Dearest Rogue

Romantic Suspense

Stone, G. Jillian - The Yard Man

Bell, Donnell Ann - Deadly Recall
Diaz, Lena - He Kills Me, He Kills Me Not
Elliot, Kendra - Stronger Than Bone
Lovely, Linda - Counterfeit
MacEachern, Greta - Dangerous Summer
Wray, Sharon Brennan - Midnight Guardian
Zak, Kenneth - The Poet's Secret

Young Adult

O'Rourke, Erica - Unchosen
Barneveld, Vanessa - Ghost-Ridden
Berkley, Shea - Shattered
Coriell, Shelley - Bloom
Coriell, Shelley - Welcome Caller, This is Chloe
Corp, Carey - The Halo Chronicles: The Guardian
MacCarron, Kimberly Eve - Squeeze Three Times
McAndrews, Jennifer - Spelling and Glamour
- - - - -
Contest Diva Leaders:
Advancement from one final upward is highlighted in blue:
Eighteen Finals:
Kathleen Bittner Roth
Nancy Evertz aka Nan Dixon
Eleven Finals:
Diane O'Brien Kelly
Gail Zerrade
Ten Finals:
Anne-Marie Carroll
Kelly Fitzpatrick
Gabrielle Luthy
Jean Mason
Donna Meier
Cat Schield
Tracy St. Hilaire
Nine Finals:
Constance Gillam
Deborah Gross
Keli Gwyn
Christine E. Johnson - SOLD!
Patricia Patton
Eight Finals:
Jeanell Bolton
Denise Cychosz
Laura Williams
Seven Finals:
Barbara Binns
Louisa Cornell
Yvonne Harris
Barbara Cool Lee
Barbara Longley
Elizabeth Pina - SOLD!
Michal Scott
Robin Weaver
Six Finals:
Meredith Clark
Lisa Desrochers
Jeanne Dickson
Kelly Fitzpatrick
Katie Graykowski
Elaine M. Powell
S. G. Shellabarger
Beth Watson
Five Finals:
Deborah Blake
Linda Bond
Susan Breeden
Sharon Calvin
Melanie Card
Susanne Frost
Grace R. Greene
Tiffinie Helmer
Kay Hudson
Julie Johnstone
Lisa Kessler
Jeannie Lin
D'Ann Linscott-Dunham
Linda Lovely
Meghan Murphy
Susan Newman
Allison Pang
Cathy Perkins
Angi Platt - SOLD!
Cathryn Pritchard
Madeline Smyth
G. Jillian Stone
Sharon Wray
Four Finals:
Sheila Athens
Alison Atwater
Elizabeth Bemis
Tina Joyce Butts
Deanna Carlyle
Leslie Duvall
C. J. Ellisson
Martha Ferris
Sharon Fisher
Bethany Cunningham Gabbert
Jessica B. Hunt
Susan Diane Johnson
Alison Leake
Heidi Luchterhand
Mary Manners
Sylvia McDaniel
Crista McHugh
Brenda Nelson-Davis
Tatia Talbot
Sandra van den Bogerd
Laurel Wanrow
Beatriz Chantrill Williams
Three Finals:
Maree Anderson
Sara Avellino
Anne Barton
Jennifer Beane
Elisa Beatty
Mary A. Behre
Amanda Berry - SOLD!
June Bowen
Jennifer Bray-Weber
Kelsey Browning
Dianne K. Burns
Carol Burnside
Sheryl Carpenter
Louise D Cobb
Jennifer Conner
Shelley Coriell
Ally Cowee
Laura Higdon Cumbie
Donna Cummings
Karen Daughry
Wenda Dottridge
Kendra Elliot
Sherry Foley
Louise D. Foster
Joe Fraser
Kate Freiman
Abby Gaines
Alexandra George
Deborah Gilbert
Bernadette Hearne
Jennette Heikes
Alison Henderson
Sharon Houdek
Beverly Irwin
Sandy James
Joan Kayse
Laurie Kellogg
Chris Keniston
Rashda Khan
Dee S. Knight
Barbara Kroon
Maggi Landry
Kathy Lane
Kim Law
Greta MacEachern
Virginia McCullough
Kaylin McFarren
Maureen McGowan
Jacqui Nelson
Mary Oldham
Janet Periat
Dawna Rand
Gina Rosavin
Heather Snow
Jennifer Stroka
Quinn Tellier
Sheila Tenold
Laurie Thompson
Linda Trout
Ami Weaver
Ellen Wehle
Gina Welborn
Two Finals:
Sheri Adkins
Veronica Alderson
Drue Allen
Marjorie Allen
Robyn Anders
Peter Andrews
Rylee Andrews
Iris Astres
Stefani Catenzaro Baltar
Patricia Barletta
Hanna Rhys Barnes
Joyce Barton
Tamra Baumann
Jennifer Beckstrand
TJ Bennett
Jenny Bernard
Romily Bernard
Robin Bielman
Ann Bleakley
Terry Bolyard
Kara Bonnevie
Laura Graham Booth
Kelley Bowen
Melissa Jackson Brister
Jude Brown
Marie Campbell
Sarah Castleberry
Elise Chand
Kathleen Cherry
Zita Christian
Robin Constantine
Janice Croom
Beth Davis
Laurie DeMarino
Tracey Devlyn - SOLD!
Kate Diamond
Susanne Dietze
Alleyne Dickens
Karen Dobbins
Ella Drake
Cheryl Draycott
Cat Dubie
Lee Rhuday Duncan
Carol Dunford
Nikki Enlow
Tracy Falenwolfe
Gloria Ferguson
Alyssa Fernandez
Joe Fraser
Debby Grahl
Laurie Green
Lottie Green
Anne Greene
Anna Hackett
Ashley Henderson
Molly Herwood
Linda Hill
Laura Hirneisen
Leah Hodge
Celesta Hofmann
Jennifer Holden
Nancy Holland
Kinsey W. Holley
Barbara Huddleston
Christine Johnson - SOLD!
Tina Joyce
Suzanne Kalb
Morgan Karpiel
Jeffe Kennedy
Sandra Kerns
Marge Knudsen
Sara LaBudda
Helen Lacey
Corrina Lavitt
Suzanne Lazear
Sherri Lee
Melinda Leigh
Heather Leonard
Jennifer Litteken
Mary Lindsey - SOLD!
Kate MacArthur
Kate MacEachern
Jennifer Mackin
Sandra Mars
Sarah Marshall
Carolyn Martin
Dale Mayer
Dora Mekouar
Arlene McFarlane
Jamie Michele
Imani Miller
Judy Mills
Gwen Mitchell
Rosie Murphy
Nancy Naigle
Jean B. Newlin
Laurel O'Donnell
Sally Orr
Tara Owens
Kathleen Irene Paterka
Belinda Peterson
Ginny Powers
Alison Pritchard
Connie Queen
Jodi Redford
Shellee Roberts
Cate Rowan
Lynn Rush
Rebecca Sampson
Lateia Sandifer
Laramie Sasseville
Pamela Scheibe
Jan Schliesman
Catherine Marie Scott
Lizbeth Selvig
Jane Sevier
Liese Sherwood-Fabre
Merry Simmons
Arianna Skye - SOLD!
Dina Sleiman
Coreene Smith
Susan Speers
Lori Dillon Stacy
Bonnie Staring
Karen Steele
Paula Stelluto
Morgan Taylor
Jean A. Therkelsen
Tracy Truman
Jan Warren
Holly Watson
Kayla Westra
Hailey Williams
Teri Wilson
Kevin Wolf
Dawn Wolzein
Marilyn Yarbrough
Rebecca Zanetti
Amy Atwell
Amanda Berry
Tracey Devlyn
Christine E. Johnson
Mary Lindsey
Elizabeth Pina
Angi Platt
Tina Radcliffe
Arianna Skye
Liz Talley
Penny Watson