Saturday, January 15, 2011

2010 Divas - GDRWA's Between the Sheets Winners

The Greater Detroit RWA is pleased to announce the winners of the 2010
Between the Sheets Contest:

1st Place - Lone Dogwood by Katrina Crew

2nd Place - Match Point by Kathleen Murray

3rd Place - A Taste of the Forbidden by Heather Mitchell

Honorable Mention - Timeless by Savannah Foxx

Honorable Mention - Remember Me by Anna Alexander

Congratulations to all our winners!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

2010 Divas - Winter Rose Unpublished Winners

The Yellow Rose Romance Writers is proud to announce the winners in the 2010
Winter Rose Contest! Congratulations to all the winners!



To Marry An Earl by Kathleen Cherry

Contemporary Single Title:

1 - Defining Moments by Kathy Coatney
2 - Restore My Heart by Nancy Evertz
3 - Life, Love and Homework by Melanie Macek


1 - To Marry An Earl by Kathleen Cherry
2 - Diana by Ellen Wehle
3 - By the Light of the Moon by Eleanor Nystrom


1 - The Miser Who Bought The Farm by Kendel Flaum
2 - Coming to Climax by Bobbye R. Terry
3 - Volcanic Snow by Rita St. Claire


1 - A Soul For Trouble by Christa McHugh
2 - Dark Shadows by Kylie Griffin
3 - Silent Moon by Sarina Dorie
Honorable Mention - Dragon's Mark by Eden Glenn

Romantic Suspense:

1 - From Baghdad With Love by Gail Zerrade
2 - Sanctuary by Teri C. Bradburn
3 - Die Run Hide by Patrice Kavanaugh

Series Contemporary:

1 - Return to Paradise Bay by Ruth Owen
2 - Forgotten Danger by Kathleen Cherry
3 - Book Learning by Robin Weaver

Young Adult:

1 - God Meets Goddess by Karin Maxey
2 - Foreseer by Rebecca Lees
3 - Dark Princess by Allison Morse

Three Finals
Kathleen Cherry
Kylie Short
Two Finals
Nancy Evertz
Kendel Flaum
Katie Graykowski
Marona Hewitt
Tracy Mastaler
Danielle Mulcahy
Tracy St. Hilaire
Amy Atwell - Lying Eyes

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2010 Divas - Writers' League of Texas Manuscript Winners

2010 Manuscript Contest Finalists and Winners

Children's Middle Grade

Deanna Roy - Jinnie Wishmaker
SE Witschorke - The R.U.I.N.S at Fiddlefern - Winner

Children's Young Adult

Joy Selak - CeeGee's Gift - Winner
Holly Green - Peter Englebright Preparatory Academy
Tim Crow- Alacran Turf
Demery Bader-Saye - The Good Life
Mary Ann Loesch - Bayou Myths

Historical Fiction

Jacqueline Pelham - Firehair
Patty Ferguson Canterbury - Letters from the Soul - Winner
Gina Hooten Popp - Storm After


Dan Garrett - Daufuskie - Winner
Kelly Harrell - In a Devil's House

Mainstream Fiction

Brannon Perkison - The Do-Nothing
Marion Hughes - Child of Ibis
Marcy McKay - Pennies from Burger Heaven - Winner
Marona Hewitt - Look Away Dixieland

Nonfiction: Narrative Nonfiction &

Debra Kirkley - Only One of Us Has To Have Courage - Winner
Marona Hewitt - Hole in the Hedge
Cynthia Hawkins - Girl on Film


Pamela Fagan Hutchins - Leaving Annalise - Winner
Diane Owens - Redesigning Emma

Science Fiction / Fantasy

Steven Metze - Wraith - Winner
Tad French - The Last Immortal
Jason Everett Morris -The Cold Mouth Players

Thriller Action - Adventure

Charisse Pappas - The Camel and the Scorpion - Winner
Herman Camp - Rio Grande
Robert McArthur - The Bone Whistler

Learn about other Writers' League contests.

Three Finals
Kylie Short
Two Finals
Katie Graykowski
Marona Hewitt
Tracy Mastaler
Danielle Mulcahy
Tracy St. Hilaire
Amy Atwell - Lying Eyes

Monday, January 10, 2011

2010 Divas - Shelia Winners

The Valley Forge Romance Writers
are pleased to announce the winners
of The Sheila 2010 Contest



Final Judge: Leis Pederson, Berkeley/Penguin

1 – Trust in Me – Lana Williams
2 – Honor's Redemption – Michelle Butler
3 – Terms of Surrender – Anne Bergeron (Aislinn MacNamara)
4 – Lies – Linda Lovely
5 – When a Heart Dares – Kathleen Bittner Roth
6 – A Rip in Time – Helen Pilz


Romantic Suspense

Final Judge: Holly Blanck, St. Martin's Press

1 – (tie!) From Baghdad with Love – Gail Zerrade
1 – (tie!) Midnight Guardian – Sharon Wray
2 – Legend Hunters: Brother's Keeper – Dara-Lee Snow
3 – Twin Justice – Jerrie Alexander
4 – Lying Eyes – Amy Atwell
5 – Damned if You Don't – Linda J. Parisi



Final Judge: Alicia Condon, Kensington

1 – Bewitching the Beast – Tamara Hughes
2 – Shadowed – Sharon Lynn Fisher
3 – Blood Born (Book 1 of the Light Blade series) – Kylie Short
4 – Shadows Eclipse (Book 1 of the Talent series) – Kylie Short
5 – Circle of Shadows (Book 1 of the Blood Magic series) – Kylie Short

Women's Fiction w/ Romantic Elements

Final Judge: Alex Logan, Grand Central Publishing

1 – Girl Three – Tracy Mastaler
2 – Aliya Arabesque – Madeline Smyth
3 – Savage Cinderella – Paula Sharon
4 – Starting Over – Sylvia McDaniel
5 – Sleeping with Paris – Danielle Mulcahy


Single Title Romance

Final Judge: Emily Ohanjanians, Harlequin/MIRA

1 – The Sinners – Lisa Connelly
2 – Control Freak – Suzanne Kaufman Kalb
3 – Still the One – Michelle Major
4 – Princess of Bosque Bend – Jeanell Buida Bolton
5 – Change is Coming - Ann Greville w/a Elizabeth Kelley

Three Finals
Kylie Short
Two Finals
Katie Graykowski
Tracy Mastaler
Danielle Mulcahy
Tracy St. Hilaire
Amy Atwell - Lying Eyes

Sunday, January 09, 2011

2010 Divas - Fire and Ice Contest Winners

Chicago-North RWA® is pleased to announce the winners of the 12th Annual Fire and Ice Contest:

Historical Romance
Final Judge:  Amanda Bergeron, Avon

  1. Sweet Enemy, Heather Snow
  2. The Color of Love, Ann Bleakley
  3. Scandal's Mistress, Bronwyn Stuart

Women's Fiction w/Romantic Elements
Final Judge:  Alex Logan, Grand Central Publishing

  1. Girl Three, Tracy Mastaler
  2. The Miser Who Bought the Farm, Kendel Flaum
  3. Complications, Tisha Love

Young Adult Romance
Final Judge:  Katherine Pelz, Berkley

  1. Camp Awakening, Bonnie Staring
  2. Innocent Darkness, Suzanne Lazear
  3. Redefining Normal, Katie McGarry

Paranormal Romance
Final Judge:  Helen Breitwieser, Cornerstone Literary Agency

  1. Stealing Time, William Haggart
  2. Red, Mary SeRine
  3. The Lost Paladin, Tracy St. Hilaire

Single Title Contemporary Romance
Final Judge:  Emily Ohanjanians, Harlequin

  1. Place Your Betts, Katie Graykowski
  2. Getting Lucky, Katie Graykowski
  3. Justice in the Barrel, Linley Maroney

Series Contemporary Romance
Final Judge:  Scott Eagan, Greyhaus Literary Agency

  1. Man Under the Mistletoe, Helen Lacey
  2. Hollywood Hoodoo, Rochelle Staab
  3. Stepping Out of the Comfort Zone, December Gephart
Two Finals
Katie Graykowski
Tracy St. Hilaire

Monday, January 03, 2011

2010 Divas - 1st and 10 Contest Winners

The 1st & 10 Contest Winners:

1st Place Tie=
Heart On A String--Jennifer Low
Outer Planets--Laurie Green

3rd Place=
Saving Their Daughter--Kathleen Gregory


Sunday, January 02, 2011

2010 Divas - Marlene Contest Winners

2010 WRW Marlene Awards

Historical Romance

1st - Pamela Cayne, Broken

2nd - Alyssa Fernandez, Defensive Measures

3rd - Cindy Nord, The Blue Rider

Paranormal/Fantasy/Futuristic Romance

1st - Ciara Stewart, Hearts of Darkness

2nd - Cate Rowan, The Ocean Between Us

3rd - Lori Dillan Stacy, Fire of the Dragon

Romantic Elements

1st - Danielle Mulcahy, Sleeping with Paris

2nd - Donna Cummings, I Do or Die

3rd - Jane Sevier, Fortune's Fool

Series Contemporary Romance

1st - Sandii Manning, Temporary Affair of the Heart

2nd - Katrina Williams, Thigh Noon

3rd - Barbara Cool Lee, Off the Deep End

Single Title Contemporary Romance

1st - Marilyn Trent, High Lonesome

2nd - Christi Barth, Act Like We're In Love

3rd - Jamie Farrell, Stealing Booty

Young Adult Romance

1st - Tracy St. Hilaire, Fifteen Forever

2nd - Mia Zachary, If You Only Knew

3rd - Micki Gibson, Real Guys Like Pink