Monday, March 05, 2012

2011 Divas - Fabulous Five Contest Winners

Historical - Emilia Pisani, Gallery Books
Silver Quill winner - Love, Behaving Badly – Catherine Phelan
2nd Place - Hearts in Winter – Debra Maher
3rd Place - Imperial GuardElaine Schwetz
4th Place - Saving CallieCindy Nord
Honorary Mention - The Spy's Dilemma- Ellen Lindseth
Paranormal - Jim McCarthy, Dystel & Goderich Literary Management
Silver Quill winner - Prologue – Denise Zygarlicke
2nd Place - The Reluctant Vampire – Kate MacEachern
3rd Place - The Age of Kali – Falguni Kothari
4th Place - Remembering in Shadow – Jennifer McAdams
Honorary Mention - By Some Gibbous Moon - Sharon & Robert Bills
Romantic Suspense - Kimberly Whalen, Trident Media Group
Silver Quill winner - Spy in the Mirror – Diana Van Dyke
2nd Place - The Green Eyed DollJerrie Alexander
3rd Place - Twisted Justice - Jerrie Alexander
4th Place - Her First Love – Mary & Helen Skully
Honorary Mention - Redemption – Diane Garner
Series Contemporary (Long/Short) - Kathryn Lye, Harlequin
Silver Quill winner - Savannah SighsNan Dixon
2nd Place - Her Prisoner of Love – Christine Glover
3rd Place - Southern Comfort - Robin Ray Coll
4th Place - Steel HeartsNan Dixon
Honorary Mention - Royal Prince, Reluctant PrincessMadeline Smyth
Single Title - Latoya Smith, Grand Central Publishing
Silver Quill winner - Locked, Loaded and Lying - Sarah Andre
2nd Place - Damn Enchanted EveningEllen Russell
3rd Place - Mr. October – Chris Weston
4th Place - Thirty-Love – Judy Fogarty
Honorary Mention - The Girl from Flea Bite Creek – Virginia Munoz
Women's Fiction - Holly Blanck, St. Martin's Press
Silver Quill winner - The Sweet SpotLaura Drake
2nd Place - Dogwood Days - Barbara Claypole-White
3rd Place - Undercover Apple Fritter – Marian Pearson-Stevens
4th Place - Heavy Weather – Normandie Ward-Fischer
Honorary Mention - King Henry's Last Daughter – Cynthia Marienthal
Young Adult - Leah Hultenschmidt, Sourcebooks
Silver Quill winner - Alli's PlaygroundRebecca Sampson
2nd Place - If I Let You Go - Sandi Greene
3rd Place - On Thin Ice – Paula Sharon
4th Place - Soul Without a Boy – Mai Lor Lee
Honorary Mention - ForeseerRebecca Lees
Upward movement on Diva List is in blue...
Five Finals...
Camryn Rhys
Four Finals...
Ellen Lindseth
Three Finals...
Kathleen Rice Adams
Jerrie Alexander
Veronica Blade
Nan Dixon
Marni Donnelly-Folsom
Averil Reisman
Isis Rushdan
Jane Sevier
Rebecca Skrabl
Virginia Taylor
Two Finals...
Sarah Andre
Colette Auclair
Jeanell Bolton
Valerie Bowman
Harley Brooks
Laura Drake
Eileen Emerson
Leanne Farrell
Stanalei Fletcher
Richard Hacker
Jacqueline Harris
Gwen Hernandez
Shanyn Hosier
Samantha Ann King
Melissa Landers
Vanessa Lee
Rebecca Lees
Hanna Martine
Crista McHugh
Michaela Moore
Cindy Nord
Susanna Rogers
Ellen Russell
Rebecca Sampson
Elaine Schwetz
Madeline Smyth
Sarah Tanner
Wanda Thomas
Kristine Thompson
Marlene Urso
Lynn Wilson
Kevin Wolf

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