Wednesday, February 22, 2012

2011 Divas - The Sandy Writing Contest Winners

Mainstream Adult Fiction
Final Judge, Leis Pederson, Associate Editor, Berkley
1st Place - Broken Laces - Rodney Walther
2nd Place - The Secret Daughter - Leanne Farrell
3rd Place - An Unexamined Life - Becky Bartlett
Final Judge, Holly Blanck, Assistant Editor, St. Martin's Press
1st Place - Blind Fury - Gwen Hernandez
2nd Place - Intrusion - Cynthia Justlin
3rd Place - Love? Please! - Marne Kirstatter
Honorable Mention - A Duke's Wicked Kiss - Kathleen Bittner Roth
Honorable Mention - Fan Girl - Natalie Thompson
Fantasy / Science Fiction
Final Judge, Suzie Townsand, Agent at Fine Print Literary Management
1st Place - The Hearts of Dragons - Luanne Smith
2nd Place - The Judas Club - Jennifer Hinson
3rd Place - A Town Called Vengeance - Kevin Wolf
Thriller / Suspense / Mystery
Final Judge, Sarah Knight, Sr. Editor, Simon & Schuster
1st Place - Blessed Are The Dead - Kristi Belcamino
2nd Place - Trail Ridge - Kevin Wolf
3rd Place - Fire Point - Meg Mims
Honorable Mention - The Night Caller - Laura Martello
Honorable Mention - Facade - Jordan McCollum
Children / Young Adult
Final Judge, Holly Root, Agent at Waxman Literary Agency
1st Place - Troika - Angie Hodapp
2nd Place - That Voodoo That You Do - Suzanne Kaufman Kalb
3rd Place - Last Chance Freeland - Jennifer Simms
Upward movement on Diva List is in blue...
Four Finals...
Camryn Rhys
Three Finals...
Ellen Lindseth
Isis Rushdan
Rebecca Skrabl
Virginia Taylor
Two Finals...
Sarah Andre
Colette Auclair
Valerie Bowman
Nan Dixon
Eileen Emerson
Leanne Farrell
Jacqueline Harris
Samantha Ann King
Hanna Martine
Crista McHugh
Averil Reisman
Susanna Rogers
Jane Sevier
Wanda Thomas
Kristine Thompson
Marlene Urso
Kevin Wolf

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