Thursday, February 16, 2012

2011 Divas - Marlene Awards Contest Winners

The 2011 Marlene Awards Winners Announced
Congratulations to all of the following writers!
Winner - WARRIOR by Linda Williams
First Runner Up - MY IMMORTAL by Monique M. Insalaco
Second Runner Up - DEAR HEART by Alison Leake
Winner - STRANGE HOUSE by Kathleen Baldwin
First Runner Up - THE CURSE OF THE GREAT MUGHUL by Roberta Darnborough
Second Runner Up - IN DEEP by Robin Weaver
Single Title
Winner - DON'T WANT YOUR FREEDOM by Angelina M. Lopez
First Runner Up - FATAL TRUST by Donna L. Meier
Second Runner Up - JULIET'S ROGUE by Sharon Wray
Romantic Elements
Winner - HEAVY WEATHER by Normandie Ward Fischer
First Runner Up - FORTUNE'S FOOL by Jane Sevier
Second Runner Up - WHAT HAPPENED WHEN HE CAME HOME by Christa Selnick
Winner - SECRETS OF A WEDDING NIGHT by Valerie Bowman
First Runner Up - A WHISPER TO THE WILD by Eileen Emerson
Second Runner Up - DARK STAR by Callie Burdette
Winner - CINDERELLA FOR SALE by Chris Weston
First Runner Up - THE SWEET ROAD HOME by Jacqueline Harris
Second Runner Up - STILL THE ONE by Michelle Major

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