Saturday, February 18, 2012

2011 Divas - Cleveland Rocks Romance Contest Winners


Contemporary Series Romance

  • 1st Place: Melissa Landers - Tough Love
  • 2nd Place: Kristine Thompson - Pick Me
  • 3rd Place: Nan Dixon -  Redemption

Single Title Contemporary

  • 1st Place: Katherine Lowry Logan - The Last MacKlenna
  • 2nd Place: Virginia McCullough - The Jack of Her Heart
  • 3rd Place: Colette Auclair - Thrown

Historical Romance

  • 1st Place: Miranda Liasson - My Wicked Duke
  • 2nd Place: Ellen Deely - A Lord for Haughmond
  • 3rd Place: Averil Reisman - To Cuba with Love

Mainstream with Strong Romantic Elements

  • 1st Place: Jane Sevier - Fortunes Fool
  • 2nd Place: Susanna Rogers - The Lies that Bind
  • 3rd Place: Ash Krafton - Bleeding Hearts

Paranormal Romance

  • 1st Place: Vivien Easton - Demon Venture
  • 2nd Place: Isis Rushdan - Valkyr Called
  • 3rd Place: Kym Lucas - Great Myth Conception

Romantic Suspense

  • 1st Place: Tracy Falenwolfe - A Little Death
  • 2nd Place: Kristine Thompson - Waking Up in Hell
  • 3rd Place: Kimila Bowling - The Ketchman

Young Adult

  • 1st Place: Jazmin Vaughn - Limbo
  • 2nd Place: Tiffany Grinstead - The Timekeeper's Daughter
  • 3rd Place: Jill Lawrence - My Guardian Angel Went Rogue
Upward movement on Diva List is in blue...
Two Finals...
Colette Auclair
Nan Dixon
Hanna Martine
Isis Rushdan
Jane Sevier
Kristine Thompson

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