Thursday, November 19, 2009

2009 Divas - Spring into Romance Contest Winners

Contemporary Romance Series/Category

FIRST PLACE - The Hotel Baron's Mistress by Mary Oldham

SECOND PLACE - Willing to Learn by Maria Connor

THIRD PLACE - A Different Beat by Susan Breeden

FOURTH PLACE - Back in the Saddle by Susan Breeden

HONORABLE MENTION - Glimpse of Heaven by Jeri Lynn Thornton

Final Judge: Frances Jalet-Miller, Grand Central Publishing

Contemporary Single Title Romance

FIRST PLACE - Diamonds Aren't Forever by Marty Tidwell

SECOND PLACE - Dangerous Choices by Donna L. Meier

THIRD PLACE - Death, Taxes and a French Manicure by Diane O'Brien Kelly

FOURTH PLACE - Cowboy Zen by Kelsey Browning

HONORABLE MENTION - Busted by Diane O'Brien Kelly

Final Judge: Frances Jalet-Miller, Grand Central Publishing

Novel w/Strong Romantic Elements/Mainstream

FIRST PLACE - Love and Honor by Teresa Bodwell

SECOND PLACE - Prior Sins by Deborah Gross

THIRD PLACE - Payment in Blood by Deborah Gross

FOURTH PLACE - A Change of Heart by Kathryn Maron

HONORABLE MENTION - Lotto Lucy by Kathleen Irene Paterka

Final Judge: Adam Wilson, MIRA-Harlequin

Historical Romance

FIRST PLACE - Spanish Eyes by Shellee Roberts

SECOND PLACE - The Raven's Heart by Louise Cornell

THIRD PLACE - Deciphering Love by Kathryn Parker

FOURTH PLACE - The Aviatrix by Christine Johnson

HONORABLE MENTION - Wild Magdalena, Revenge of a Pirate Wench by Marcia Kipp

Final Judge: Lucy Gilmour – Harlequin Mills & Boon

Paranormal Romance

FIRST PLACE - Demons in Dixie by Jean Therkelsen

SECOND PLACE - Time Shifter by Jean Newlin

THIRD PLACE - Rocky Mountain Howl by Holly Watson

FOURTH PLACE - Jinn and Tonic by Kay Hudson

HONORABLE MENTION - Touch of Spirit by Pamela Scheibe

Final judge: LaToya C. Smith – Grand Central Publishing

YA Romance

FIRST PLACE - The Journal Keeper by Margie Senechal

SECOND PLACE - Piper's Kiss by Sheryl Carpenter

THIRD PLACE - Expelled by Nicole Starczak

FOURTH PLACE - Helena of Troy by Kelly C. Roell

HONORABLE MENTION - The Devil's Bride by Gail Francis

Final Judge: Laura Bradford – Bradford Literary Agency

Contest Deadline was 03/20/09

RWA San Diego
Contest Diva Leaders:
Advancement from one final upward is highlighted in blue:
Eleven Finals:
Nancy Evertz
Diane O'Brien Kelly
Seven Finals:
Kelly Fitzpatrick

Six Finals:

Kelly Fitzpatrick
Deborah Gross
Yvonne Harris
Cat Schield
Five Finals:
Constance Gillam
Christine E. Johnson - SOLD!
Jeannie Lin
Susan Newman
Elizabeth Pina - SOLD!
Elaine M. Powell
Kathleen Bittner Roth
Beth Watson
Laura Williams
Four Finals:
Jeanell Bolton
Deanna Carlyle
Louisa Cornell
Michal Scott
Tracy St. Hilaire
Sandra van den Bogerd
Three Finals:
Sara Avellino
Elizabeth Bemis
Deborah Blake
Anne-Marie Carroll
Martha Ferris
Sherry Foley
Katie Graykowski
Alison Henderson
D'Ann Linscott-Dunham
Virginia McCullough
Tatia Talbot
Gina Welborn
Sharon Wray
Gail Zerrade
Two Finals:
Drue Allen
Maree Anderson
Robyn Anders
Rylee Andrews
Sheila Athens
Susan Breeden
Kelsey Browning
Tina Joyce Butts
Melanie Card
Meredith Clark
Denise Cychosz
Beth Davis
Laurie DeMarino
Wenda Dottridge
Ella Drake
Kendra Elliot
Sharon Fisher
Louise D. Foster
Grace R. Green
Keli Gwyn
Celesta Hofmann
Linda Hurtado
Suzanne Kalb
Jeffe Kennedy
Sandra Kerns
Lisa Kessler
Christine Johnson
Kim Law
Barbara Cool Lee
Sherri Lee
Mary Lindsey
Barbara Longley
Heidi Luchterhand
Gabrielle Luthy
Kate MacArthur
Kate MacEachern
Jennifer Mackin
Sarah Marshall
Carolyn Martin
Jean Mason
Jamie Michele
Judy Mills
Laurel O'Donnell
Mary Oldham
Tara Owens
Allison Pang
Kathleen Irene Paterka
Cathy Perkins
Angi Platt
Shellee Roberts
Lateia Sandifer
Pamela Scheibe
Catherine Marie Scott
Susan Shellabarger
Susan Speers
Holly Watson
Beatriz Williams
Teri Wilson
Amanda Berry
Christine E. Johnson
Elizabeth Pina
Arianna Skye
Amy Talley
Penny Watson

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