Wednesday, November 04, 2009

2009 Divas - Reveal Your Inner Vixen Contest Winners

Congratulations 2009 Reveal Your Inner Vixen Finalists!

The "Reveal Your Inner Vixen" Contest showcases the chemistry between the hero and heroine. The entered scene could be a flirtation, a kiss or a fully described love scene, just as long as the judges feel that tension!

Series Contemporary: 1950-present, 40,000-79,000 words
Final Judges: Gail Chasan, Harlequin/Silhouette; Rhonda Penders, The Wild Rose Press

First Place: "Loving Abandon" by Jamie Michele*
Second Place: "Summer's Promise" by Drue Allen*
Third Place: "Flippin' Grapes" by Jeanne M. Dickson*

Single Title: 1950-present, 80,000-120,000 words
Final Judges: Katherine Pelz, Penguin/Berkley; Bethany Morgan, Samhain Publishing, Inc;

First Place: "Trusting Grace" by Rylee Andrews
Second Place: "Finding Cherry" by Inara Scott
Third Place: "In the Shadows" by Victoria Daniels

Historical: Historical: BCE-1950, 40,000-120,000 words
Final Judges: Meghan Conrad, Ellora's Cave Publishing Inc; and Deb Werksman, Sourcebooks, Inc

First Place: "Diana" by Ellen Wehle
Second Place: "Lust, Love and Redemption in the Valley" by Cat Dubie
Third Place: "Ghost of a Chance" by Patricia Lynn

Alternative: TT/F/F/P, 85,000-120,000 words
Final Judges: Chris Keeslar, Dorchester; Amanda Barnett, The Wild Rose Press

First Place: "Dark Future" by K.C. Klein*
Second Place: "Rocky Mountain Howl" by Kinsey W. Holley*
Third Place: "The Burn" by Morgan Nicholas

Erotic Romance: Erotic Romance: 60,000-120,000 words
Final Judges: Raelene Gorlinsky, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc; Angela James, Quartet Press

First Place: "Luscious Red Running Hood" by Hailey Williams
Second Place: "Angel" by Sharon Hamilton
Third Place: "Shadow Lord" by Tony-Paul de Vissage

Young Adult: 40,000 words or more
Final Judges: Krista Marino, Delacorte; Lindsey Faber, Samhain Publishing, Inc

First Place: "Freaks of Greenfield High" by Maree Anderson
Second Place: "Personal Demons" by Lisa Desrochers
Third Place: "Pull My String" by Barbara Binns

Contest Diva Leaders:
Advancement from one final upward is highlighted in blue:
Seven Finals:
Nancy Evertz
Diane O'Brien Kelly
Six Finals:
Yvonne Harris
Five Finals:
Kelly Fitzpatrick
Christine E. Johnson - SOLD!
Elaine M. Powell
Laura Williams
Four Finals:
Jeanell Bolton
Deanna Carlyle
Susan Newman
Elizabeth Pina - SOLD!
Cat Schield
Michal Scott
Tracy St. Hilaire
Beth Watson
Three Finals:
Sara Avellino
Elizabeth Bemis
Deborah Blake
Martha Ferris
Sherry Foley
Constance Gillam
Alison Henderson
Virginia McCullough
Chi Nguyen-Rettig
Kathleen Bittner Roth
Two Finals:
Maree Anderson
Melanie Card
Anne-Marie Carroll
Meredith Clark
Denise Cychosz
Beth Davis
Katie Graykowski
Deborah Gross
Keli Gwyn
Celesta Hofmann
Linda Hurtado
Suzanne Kalb
Jeffe Kennedy
Lisa Kessler
Barbara Cool Lee
Sherri Lee
Cathy Leming
Mary Lindsey
D'Ann Linscott-Dunham
Barbara Longley
Heidi Luchterhand
Kate MacArthur
Jennifer Mackin
Sarah Marshall
Carolyn Martin
Jean Mason
Judy Mills
Laurel O'Donnell
Allison Pang
Susan Shellabarger
Susan Speers
Sandra van den Bogerd
Beatriz Williams
Teri Wilson
Sharon Wray
Gail Zerrade
Amanda Berry
Christine E. Johnson
Elizabeth Pina
Arianna Skye
Amy Talley
Penny Watson

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