Monday, October 26, 2009

2009 Divas - Romance Through the Ages Contest Winners

Ancient/Medieval/Renaissance (AMR)
Final Round Judge: Allison Brandau, Berkley/Jove
1. The Devil's Mistress ~ by Laura Williams
2. Butterfly Swords ~ by Chi Nguyen-Rettig
3. A Kiss in the Wind ~ by Jennifer Bray-Weber
4. Silk and Seduction ~ by Chi Nguyen-Rettig
Georgian/Regency/Victorian (GRV)
Final Round Judge: Barbara Poelle, Irene Goodman Agency
1. Rakes and Radishes ~ by Susan Newman
2. MisMatched ~ by Alleyne Dickens
3. The Highwayman's Legacy ~ by Louise Bergin
Colonial/Western/Civil War (CWW)
Final Round Judge: Nicole D'Arienzo, The Wild Rose Press
1. Vigilante's Bride ~ by Yvonne Harris
2. (tie) Something Fierce ~ by Carolyn Martin
2. (tie) Outlaw Bride ~ by Tanya Hanson
4. Harvest of Dreams ~ by Alison Henderson
Post-Victorian/World War II (PVW)
Final Round Judge: Faith Black, Avalon Books
1. The Aviatrix ~ by Christine Johnson
2. Where the Past Lies ~ by Susan Speers
3. Hollywood and Wine ~ by Roberta Pala
Time-Travel/Historical Paranormal (TTP)
Final Round Judge: Alicia Condon, Dorchester
1. Mystic Taxi ~ by Karen Duvall
2. Magic In His Arms ~ by Anna Aycock
3. A Pirate's Fate ~ by Ashlynn Pearce
4. Wrecking the Hurricane ~ by Christine Johnson
LEGEND, A Man for all Reasons
Final Round Judge: Esi Sogah, Morrow/Avon Books
1. Butterfly Swords (AMR) ~ by Chi Nguyen-Rettig
2. (tie) Wrecking the Hurricane (TTP) ~ by Christine Johnson
2. (tie) Love in the Shadows (GRV ) ~ by LaVerne Z. Coan
4. Harvest of Dreams (CWW) ~ by Alison Henderson
5. Vigilante's Bride (CWW, tie) ~ by Yvonne Harris
6. Where the Past Lies (PVW) ~ by Susan Speers
Contest Deadline: 3/1/09
Contest Diva Leaders:
Advancement from one final upward is highlighted in blue:
Six Finals:
Yvonne Harris
Diane O'Brien Kelly
Five Finals:
Christine E. Johnson - SOLD!
Elaine M. Powell
Laura Williams
Four Finals:
Deanna Carlyle
Nancy Evertz
Kelly Fitzpatrick
Michal Scott
Tracy St. Hilaire
Three Finals:
Elizabeth Bemis
Deborah Blake
Alison Henderson
Susan Newman
Chi Nguyen-Rettig
Cat Schield
Beth Watson
Two Finals:
Sara Avellino
Anne-Marie Carroll
Meredith Clark
Beth Davis
Sherry Foley
Constance Gillam
Katie Graykowski
Deborah Gross
Linda Hurtado
Jeffe Kennedy
Cathy Leming
Barbara Longley
Jennifer Mackin
Carolyn Martin
Jean Mason
Virginia McCullough
Elizabeth Pina - SOLD!
Susan Shellabarger
Susan Speers
Teri Wilson
Amanda Berry
Christine E. Johnson
Elizabeth Pina
Arianna Skye
Amy Talley
Penny Watson

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