Friday, October 30, 2009

2009 Divas - CONNections Award

Congratulations to the winners and finalists of CTRWA's 2009 Writer's Contest!


Suzanne Welsh-The Surrender of Lacy Morgan…WINNER!

Sara Avellino-Renegade

Kate MacArthur-Third Piece


Kathleen Bittner Roth-For the Love of a Lady…WINNER!

Kathleen Bittner Roth-And Then I Loved Him

Laurel O'Donnell-The Angel's Assassin


Corrina Lavitt-Above the Fold…WINNER!

Elizabeth Pina-Stealing Best Show

Sharon Wray-Midnight Guardian


Florina Craven-The Keeper…WINNER!

Pamela Scheibe-Touch of Spirit

Katherine Turner-Dating God

Series Contemporary

Joan Alley-Her Only Hope…WINNER!

Nancy Evertz-Restoring Mitch's Heart

Elizabeth Pina-When Jonny Came

Single Title

Diana O'Brien Kelly-Death, Taxes, and a French Manicure…WINNER!

Virginia McCullough-The Jacks of Her Heart

Laurie Nichols-Trolls Need Not Apply

Young Adult

Cat Shield-Adventures of Teenage Truthseer…WINNER!

Laura Byrne-Another Will Die

Mary Lindsey-Soul Purpose

Contest Diva Leaders:
Advancement from one final upward is highlighted in blue:
Seven Finals:
Diane O'Brien Kelly
Six Finals:
Yvonne Harris
Five Finals:
Nancy Evertz
Christine E. Johnson - SOLD!
Elaine M. Powell
Laura Williams
Four Finals:
Deanna Carlyle
Kelly Fitzpatrick
Elizabeth Pina - SOLD!
Cat Schield
Michal Scott
Tracy St. Hilaire
Three Finals:
Sara Avellino

Elizabeth Bemis
Deborah Blake
Alison Henderson
Virginia McCullough
Susan Newman
Chi Nguyen-Rettig
Kathleen Bittner Roth
Beth Watson
Two Finals:
Anne-Marie Carroll
Meredith Clark
Beth Davis
Sherry Foley
Constance Gillam
Katie Graykowski
Deborah Gross
Linda Hurtado
Jeffe Kennedy
Sherri Lee
Cathy Leming
Mary Lindsey
Barbara Longley
Kate MacArthur
Jennifer Mackin
Carolyn Martin
Jean Mason
Laurel O'Donnell
Susan Shellabarger
Susan Speers
Teri Wilson
Sharon Wray
Amanda Berry
Christine E. Johnson
Elizabeth Pina
Arianna Skye
Amy Talley
Penny Watson

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