Monday, October 12, 2009

2009 Divas - Duel on the Delta Contest Winners

And the winners are...

First Place - An Unexpected Father - Kathryn Kelly
Second Place - Daddy with a Deadline - Marilyn Shank
Third Place - Love at Water's Edge - Danniele Worsham

First Place - Immortal Death - Laurel O''Donnell
Second Place - King of Magic - Judy Mills
Third Place - Thirty - Tracy St. Hilaire

First Place - A Proposal of Grace - Gina Welbourne
Second Place - Second Chances - Mary Manners
Third Place - Killing Time - Kimberly Byrd

First Place - Wrestling with Alligators - Lateia Sandifer
Second Place - Atonement - Linda Hurtado
Third Place - Jacks of Her Heart - Virginia McCullough

First Place - The Devil's Mistress - Laura Williams
Second Place - McKenzie's Secret - Jerlyn Willin
Third Place - Patterns of Love - Kelly Fitzpatrick

Young Adult
First Place - Adventures of a Teenage Truthseer - Cat Schield
Second Place - Big Panties and other Parachutes - Sarah Tregay
Third Place - The Dog Ate My Teacher - Kelly Fitzpatrick

Romantic Suspense
First Place - Out of Hope - Lynette Curtis
Second Place - A Captive Heart - Sherry Foley
Third Place - The Russian Seduction - Laura Williams

Contest Deadline: 2/14/09

River City Romance Writers
Contest Diva Leaders:
Advancement highlighted in blue:
Five Finals:
Diane O'Brien Kelly
Four Finals:
Yvonne Harris
Michal Scott
Laura Williams
Three Finals:
Deborah Blake
Kelly Fitzpatrick
Tracy St. Hilaire
Two Finals:
Elizabeth Bemis
Deanna Carlyle
Meredith Clark
Deborah Gross
Linda Hurtado
Jeffe Kennedy
Cathy Leming
Cat Schield
Beth Watson
Teri Wilson
Amanda Berry
Arianna Skye
Amy Talley
Penny Watson

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