Thursday, January 13, 2011

2010 Divas - Winter Rose Unpublished Winners

The Yellow Rose Romance Writers is proud to announce the winners in the 2010
Winter Rose Contest! Congratulations to all the winners!



To Marry An Earl by Kathleen Cherry

Contemporary Single Title:

1 - Defining Moments by Kathy Coatney
2 - Restore My Heart by Nancy Evertz
3 - Life, Love and Homework by Melanie Macek


1 - To Marry An Earl by Kathleen Cherry
2 - Diana by Ellen Wehle
3 - By the Light of the Moon by Eleanor Nystrom


1 - The Miser Who Bought The Farm by Kendel Flaum
2 - Coming to Climax by Bobbye R. Terry
3 - Volcanic Snow by Rita St. Claire


1 - A Soul For Trouble by Christa McHugh
2 - Dark Shadows by Kylie Griffin
3 - Silent Moon by Sarina Dorie
Honorable Mention - Dragon's Mark by Eden Glenn

Romantic Suspense:

1 - From Baghdad With Love by Gail Zerrade
2 - Sanctuary by Teri C. Bradburn
3 - Die Run Hide by Patrice Kavanaugh

Series Contemporary:

1 - Return to Paradise Bay by Ruth Owen
2 - Forgotten Danger by Kathleen Cherry
3 - Book Learning by Robin Weaver

Young Adult:

1 - God Meets Goddess by Karin Maxey
2 - Foreseer by Rebecca Lees
3 - Dark Princess by Allison Morse

Three Finals
Kathleen Cherry
Kylie Short
Two Finals
Nancy Evertz
Kendel Flaum
Katie Graykowski
Marona Hewitt
Tracy Mastaler
Danielle Mulcahy
Tracy St. Hilaire
Amy Atwell - Lying Eyes

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