Sunday, January 09, 2011

2010 Divas - Fire and Ice Contest Winners

Chicago-North RWA® is pleased to announce the winners of the 12th Annual Fire and Ice Contest:

Historical Romance
Final Judge:  Amanda Bergeron, Avon

  1. Sweet Enemy, Heather Snow
  2. The Color of Love, Ann Bleakley
  3. Scandal's Mistress, Bronwyn Stuart

Women's Fiction w/Romantic Elements
Final Judge:  Alex Logan, Grand Central Publishing

  1. Girl Three, Tracy Mastaler
  2. The Miser Who Bought the Farm, Kendel Flaum
  3. Complications, Tisha Love

Young Adult Romance
Final Judge:  Katherine Pelz, Berkley

  1. Camp Awakening, Bonnie Staring
  2. Innocent Darkness, Suzanne Lazear
  3. Redefining Normal, Katie McGarry

Paranormal Romance
Final Judge:  Helen Breitwieser, Cornerstone Literary Agency

  1. Stealing Time, William Haggart
  2. Red, Mary SeRine
  3. The Lost Paladin, Tracy St. Hilaire

Single Title Contemporary Romance
Final Judge:  Emily Ohanjanians, Harlequin

  1. Place Your Betts, Katie Graykowski
  2. Getting Lucky, Katie Graykowski
  3. Justice in the Barrel, Linley Maroney

Series Contemporary Romance
Final Judge:  Scott Eagan, Greyhaus Literary Agency

  1. Man Under the Mistletoe, Helen Lacey
  2. Hollywood Hoodoo, Rochelle Staab
  3. Stepping Out of the Comfort Zone, December Gephart
Two Finals
Katie Graykowski
Tracy St. Hilaire

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