Sunday, January 02, 2011

2010 Divas - Marlene Contest Winners

2010 WRW Marlene Awards

Historical Romance

1st - Pamela Cayne, Broken

2nd - Alyssa Fernandez, Defensive Measures

3rd - Cindy Nord, The Blue Rider

Paranormal/Fantasy/Futuristic Romance

1st - Ciara Stewart, Hearts of Darkness

2nd - Cate Rowan, The Ocean Between Us

3rd - Lori Dillan Stacy, Fire of the Dragon

Romantic Elements

1st - Danielle Mulcahy, Sleeping with Paris

2nd - Donna Cummings, I Do or Die

3rd - Jane Sevier, Fortune's Fool

Series Contemporary Romance

1st - Sandii Manning, Temporary Affair of the Heart

2nd - Katrina Williams, Thigh Noon

3rd - Barbara Cool Lee, Off the Deep End

Single Title Contemporary Romance

1st - Marilyn Trent, High Lonesome

2nd - Christi Barth, Act Like We're In Love

3rd - Jamie Farrell, Stealing Booty

Young Adult Romance

1st - Tracy St. Hilaire, Fifteen Forever

2nd - Mia Zachary, If You Only Knew

3rd - Micki Gibson, Real Guys Like Pink


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