Monday, September 28, 2009

2009 Divas - Great Expectation Winners

North Texas RWA is proud to announce the winners of the 2009 Great Expectations.
Contemporary Series
Megan Long ~ Editorial Assistant, Harlequin Books
First: Her Rodeo Clown by Donna Dalton
Second: Made for Marriage by Helen Lacey
Third: Rebel Heart by Yvonne Harris
Fourth: Summer in Austin by Katie Graykowski
Raelene Gorlinksy ~ Publisher, Senior Editor, Ellora's Cave
First: Glass by Sarah Marshall
Second: Twin Rewards by Doree Anderson
Third: Apollo Rising by Leuca Stone
Fourth: All My Sins Remembered by Michal Scott
Esi Sogah ~ Editorial Assistant, Harper Collins
First: The Anchoress and the Fifth Knight by Elaine M. Powell
Second: The Sons of Gregor MacLeod: Highland Promise by Alison Pritchard
Third: A Multitude of Vengeance by Amanda L. Mole
Fourth: A Kiss Before Midnight by Tami Cowden
Melissa Endlich ~ Editor, Harlequin Books
First: Lauren's Wish by Wenda Dottridge
Second: Knowing Grace by Debra E. Marvin
Third: Beyond Ever After by Carie Lawyer
Fourth: Frank, Incense and Muriel by Dianne K. Burns
Mainstream with Romantic Elements
Megan McKeever ~ Associate Editor, Pocket Books
First: Kissing My Old Life Au Revoir by Beth Watson
Second: Shadow of Evil by Yvonne Harris
Third: Payment in Blood by Deborah Gross
Third: Starting Over by Sylvia McDaniel
Romantic Suspense
Alex Logan ~ Assistant Editor, Grand Central Publishing
First: See Jane Run by Angela Platt
Second: Wild Encounter by Nicola Beynon
Third: In the Best Interest by Rhonda Hopkins
Fourth: Till Death Do Us Part by Tracy Falenwolfe
Single Title
Talia Platz ~ Editorial Assistant, New American Library
First: Make Me Believe by Reese Mobley
Second: Make it Perfect by Abby Gaines
Third: Prodigal Daughter by Chris Keniston
Fourth: Under Her Spell by Beth Watson
Specialized Category
Chris Keeslar ~ Senior Editor, Dorchester/Leisure
First: Ghost Planet by Sharon Fisher
Second: Truth, Justice, and Chocolate Kisses by Heidi Luchterhand
Second: Witch Ever Way You Can by Deborah Blake
Third: Healer's Destiny by Helen Katsinis
Young Adult
Alvina Ling ~ Editor, Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
First: Charm School by Deanna Carlyle
First: Sugar High by Bethany Cunningham Gabbert
Second: Spaz by Liz Eliot
Third: Freaks of Greenfield High by Maree Anderson
Fourth: The Mark of the Shadow: A Hallowich Academy Novel by Leah Hodge

Contest deadline was 1/1/09
Two Finals:
Yvonne Harris
Beth Watson
Amanda Berry
Arianna Skye
Amy Talley
Penny Watson

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