Wednesday, October 08, 2008

2008 Divas - Great Expectations Winners

First: The Duchess Competition by Vicky Dreiling
Second: Midnight Promises by Anne Barton Ardizzone
Third: Passionate Persuasions by Jennifer Ziros
Fourth: The Making of Jenny Keeble by Courtney Milan

First: New Hope by Yvonne Harris
Second: Miranda's Mistake by Jessica R. Ferguson
Third: Sarah's Rainbow by Margaret Brownley
Fourth: Sourdough Creek by Caroline Fyffe

Contemporary Series
First: The Nanny's Secret by Ami Weaver
Second: Diner Girl by Mary Duncanson
Third: The Cleopatra Secret by Greta MacEachern
Fourth: The Goblin's Trick by Lori Philbin

Mainstream with Romantic Elements
First: Kingdom on Fire by Yvonne Harris
Second: All For One by Chris Keniston
Third: Heart Wishes by Edie Ramer
Fourth: Twisted Snare of Fate by Gracie Stanners

Romantic Suspense
First: Lying Eyes by Amy Atwell
Second: The Surrogate by Tina Butts
Third: See Jane Run by Angi Platt
Fourth: The Chameleon Effect by Tina Butts

Single Title
First: The Weight of Love by Vannetta Chapman
Second: The Cost of Love by Vannetta Chapman
Third: Saints and Sinners by Catherine Chant
Fourth: Once Upon A Margarita by Heidi Luchterhand

First: The Night Caller by Laura Martello
Second: To Tame His Heart by Lori Sowell
Third: Love Bites...Literally by Michelle Lauren
Fourth: The Slayer's Circle by Michelle Odell

Erotic Romance
First: Running From the Past by Katie Reus
Second: Wings of Desire by Cynthia Arends
Third: Eternally Three Perfection by Lee Swift

Young Adult
First: Super Chick by Kimberly Duffy
Second: Megan Delaney, Psychic Misfit by Bonnie Staring
Third: Fear of Falling by Amber Royer
Fourth: The Art of Selling My Sister by Shana Silver

Upward movement in blue...

Two Finals..
Tina Butts
Vannetta Chapman
Yvonne Harris

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