Tuesday, October 21, 2008

2008 Divas - Fire and Ice Winners

Winners of the 10th Annual Fire and Ice Contest.

1 - Defensive Measures, Alyssa Fernandez
2 - The Making of Jenny Keeble, Courtney Milan
3 - Breath of Honor, Courtney Milan

1 - Blood, Smoke, and Mirrors, Robyn Bielawski
2 - In the Hidden Kingdom, Jennifer Bernard
3 - Fallen, Amanda Freeman

1 - Catch Me if You Can, Kathy Coatney
2 - Second Chance for a Family, Kim Grooms
3 - A Place at the Table, Patricia O'Dea-Rosen

Single Title
1 - Once Upon a Margarita, Heidi Luchterhand
2 - The Cost of Love, Vannetta Chapman
3 - Stalked, Jody Payne

Women's Fiction
1 - Guardian Angel, Donna Hall
2 - Sahara Downpour, Jennifer R. Black
3 - Anna's Legacy, Marge Knudsen

Young Adult
1 - No Fat Chicks, Gaill Lockmiller Wills
2 - Magic Pill, Shoshana Brown
3 - So NOT My Fairy Godmother! A Diary, Rhonda Russell

Upward movement in blue...

Five Finals.....
Amy Atwell
Vannetta Chapman

Three Finals...
Yvonne Harris
Courtney Milan

Two Finals..
Laura Graham Booth
Tina Butts
Vannetta Chapman
Rachelle Chase
Kathy Coatney
Donna Hall
Melinda Leigh
Kathy Lowry Logan - SOLD!
Linda Lovely
Heidi Luchterhand
Greta MacEachern
Jean Mason
Deborah Nemeth
Susan Newman

Divas who sold...
Sandy James - SOLD!
Elaine Levine - SOLD!

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