Monday, February 11, 2008

2007 Divas - Maggie Winners

Georgia Romance Writers is proud to announce the 2007 Unpublished
Maggie Awards results. Congratulations to our Maggie awardees and finalists!

2007 Unpublished Maggie Awards

Single Title
Leslie Tentler, Say Nothing - Maggie Award
Susan Seyfarth, The Princess Project - Second
Stephie Smith, Rules of Lying - Third
Amy Baldwin, Twist of Fate - Honorable Mention
Sarah Sinclair, Easy Money - Honorable Mention
Glynna Kaye Sirplass, A Reason to Dance - Honorable Mention

Long Contemporary
Jo Anne Banker, Someone Else's Child - Maggie Award
Joleen Wieser, Second Chances - Second
Kathy Altman, Her Responsibility - Third
Karen Dodd, From Grace With Love - Honorable Mention
Michelle Newcome, The Glenn - Honorable Mention

Short Contemporary
Trish Milburn, The Willow Creek Cafe - Maggie Award
Ami Weaver, The Wrong Mr. Right - Second
Barbara Longley, Until September - Third
Cat Schield, The Heart of the Negotiation - Honorable Mention

Carla Swafford, The Preacher's Son - Honorable Mention

Kathryn Parker, Moss Square - Maggie Award
Darcy Burke, Glorious - Second
Marsha Garcia, Imposter Bride - Third
Lecia Cornwall, The Scandal - Honorable Mention
Cindy Nord, No Greater Glory - Honorable Mention
Nicole Penttila, The Ambassador's Daughter - Honorable Mention

Rocky Patacsil, Angelic Avenger - Maggie Award
Kristin Welker, The Halls of Honor - Second
Laurie Cooper, Forbidden - Third
Traci McKinley, Hear No Evil - Honorable Mention
Nina Singh, Secrets of the Knight - Honorable Mention

Susan Diane Johnson, Northern Lights - Maggie Award

Belinda Peterson, An Unexpected Love - Second
Kristen Wallace, Break a Leg - Third


Upward movement in blue...

Ten Finals..........
Deb Yates
Nine Finals.........
Cathy Leming
Deb Yates

Eight Finals........
Cat Schield
Abigail Strom
Lisa Marie Wilkinson - SOLD!
Seven Finals.......
Kristina McMorris
DeAnne Wildes-Mickelson - SOLD!
Six Finals......
Laurel O'Donnell
Annie Oortman
Five Finals.....
Vanetta Chapman
Jeanne Dickson
Yvonne L. Harris
Cindy Nord
Kimberly Price - SOLD!
Donna Rosenbloom
Leslie Tentler
Beth Watson
Four Finals....
Amy Baldwin
Margaret Batschelet
Sena Conway
Gail Foreman - SOLD!
Angie Fox Gwinner - SOLD!
Carla Hughes
Jacqui Jacoby
Nancy Lytle
Kathryn Parker
Cathy Perkins
Kaki Warner
Victoria Wasserman
Kit Wilkinson
Three Finals...
Debbie Brehens
Laurel Bradley
Alleyne Dickens
Audra Harders
L. Faye Hughes
Sandy James
Donna Kowalczyk
Lorrie Kruse
Barbara Longley
Virginia McCullough
Anitra McLeod
Donna Meier
Pamela Nissen
Bobbie O'Keefe
Elaine Powell
Erica Ridley
Inara Scott
Marian Stevens
Beth Trissel
Linda Yoshido
Two Finals..

Kathy Altman
Cynthia Arends
Kelly Boyce
Kerensa Brougham
Shoshana Brown
Darcy Burke
Evie Byrne

Sharon Calvin
Shirley Cayer
Kathleen Cherry
Wendi Christener
Caroline Comito
Lisa Cooke
Suzan Dickinson
Laurie DeSalvo
Karen Docter
Danica Favorite-McDonald
Mary Fechter
Gail Francis
Marsha Garcia
Sonja Goedde
Joan Goodman
Marianne Harden
Robin Haseltine
Kimberley Howe
Christine Johnson
Susan Diane Johnson
Heather Logan Kaufman
Barbara Kroon
Lesli Lent
Elaine Levine
Jo Lewis-Robertson
Carrie Lofty
Lesli Muir Lytle
Donna Maloy
Greta MacEachern
Micqui Miller
Kelly Moore
Patricia Morgan
Brenda Nelson-Davis
Michelle Odell
Tracey O'Hara
Kiki Opdenberg
Tina Pennica
Robin Perini
Bev Pettersen/Petterson
Theresa Ragan
Lynn Reynolds-Burkins
Jan Scarbrough
Stephie Smith
Julie Stevens
Pamela Varnado
Suzanne Welsh
JoAnn Weatherly

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