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2010 Divas - Great Expectations Contest Winners

Note:  Deadline was in 2010
Great Expectations 2011 Winners
Contemporary Series Category
Victoria Curran ~ Editor with Harlequin Books
First: The Sheikh's Bargain Bride by Diana Kathleen Holmes
Second: Puppy Love by Kate Weichelt
Third: A Gold Digger for a Diamond Dealer by Joanna Rix
Honorable Mention: Animal Attraction by Kate Weichelt
Honorable Mention: Their Second Chance by Ami Weaver
Erotic Romance Category
Katherine Pelz ~ Editorial Assistant with Berkley Heat
First: Bound by Trust by Michelle Davids
Second: Touched by Eden Elgabri
Third: Soul Play by Annee Pfau
Historical Category
Megan Records ~ Associate Editor with Kensington Books
First: The Mischievous Lady Moorecroft by Kristen Boe
Second: Secrets of a Wedding Night by Valerie Bowman
Third: Evading the Englishman by Julie Johnstone
Honorable Mention: Gravedigger by Kay McCall Chandler
Inspirational Category
Natalie Hanemann ~ Senior Editor with Thomas Nelson
First: Her Journey's End by Naomi Rawlings
Second: House of Fire and Flame by Sandra Ardoin
Third: Living Peace by Stacy Monson
Honorable Mention: Finding Grace by Stacy Monson
Mainstream with Romantic Elements
Emilia Pisani ~ Editorial Assistant with Gallery/Pocket Books
First: The Sweet Spot by Laura Drake
Second: Undercover Apple Fritter by Marian Pearson Stevens
Third: How to Say No and Mean It Abby Gaines
Third: All's Fair in Love and Business by Allison Morse
Honorable Mention: Love Should End with Hope by Genevieve Wilson
Romantic Suspense Category
Elizabeth Bistrow ~ Editor with New American Library
First: Wicked Lies on a Moonlit Night by Wendy Gray
Second: The Shadow Hour by Jacqui Nelson
Third: Midnight Guardian by Sharon Wray
Honorable Mention: Necessary Deception by Claire Ashgrove
Single Title Category
Holly Blanck ~ Assistant Editor with St. Martin's Press
First: Restoring Mitch's Heart by Nan Dixon
Second: A Little Bit Crazy by Faye Hughes
Third: No Fragile Heart by Kat Latham
Honorable Mention: A Major Seduction by CarolJane Foster
Honorable Mention: Learning Pleasure by Jeanell Bolton
Specialized Category
Talia Platz ~ Editorial Assistant with New American Library
First: Kindred of the Fallen by Isis Rushdan
Second: Solid Truth by Heather Marshall
Third: Liquid Lies by Heather Marshall
Honorable Mention: Queen of Heka by Michalea Moore
Honorable Mention: Reset by F. Roberta Walker
Young Adult Category
Meredith Giordan ~ Editor with Berkley Books
First: Ceres Wrath by Candi Wall
Second: Ashes of the Phoenix by Callie James
Third: Irresistable by Suzanne Kaufman Kalb
Honorable Mention: Lure by Larissa Hardesty

Movement upwards listed in Blue...
Seventeen Finals
Isis Rushdan
Thirteen Finals
Jeanell Bolton
Eleven Finals
Crista McHugh
Tracy St. Hilaire
Ten Finals
Madeline Smyth
Nine Finals
Robin Weaver
Eight Finals
Nan Dixon
Seven Finals
Elisa Beatty
Robin Haseltine
Kimberly Killion - Sold
NJ Litz
Dora Mekouar
Stacy Monson
Six Finals
Jennifer Beane
Katie Graykowski
Kim Law
Connie Queen
Susanna Rogers
Rebecca Sampson
Suzanne Webb
Five Finals
Peter Andrews
Katrina Crew
Jeanne Dickson
Kelly Fitzpatrick
Kendel Flaum
Laurie Green
Kay Hudson
Tamara Hughes
D'Ann Linscott-Dunham
Sylvia McDaniel
Mary Oldham
Heather Snow
Clarissa Southwick
Bonnie Staring
Ciara Stewart
Carla Swafford
Four Finals
Claire Ashgrove
E. J. Brighton
Sarah Cannon
Kathleen Cherry
Kathy Coatney
Kendell Gray
William Haggart
Leah Hodge
Patrice Kavanaugh
Lisa Kessler
Pamela Kopfler
D'Ann Linscott-Dunham
Heather Leonard
Katie McGarry
Jacqui Nelson
Cindy Nord
L. Pepper Norris
Sally Orr
G. Jillian Stone
Jennifer Tanner
Three Finals
Sarah M. Anderson
Jo Anne Banker
Terry Bolyard
Christine Canada
Lexi Connor
Stefani de Ravin
Kimberly Dias
Sarina Dorie
Anne-Louise Dubrawski
June Faver
Alyssa Fernandez
Barbara Jeffcott Geris
Trudi Seery Gilligan
Kendall Grey
Robert Hecker
Debbie Kaufman
Wendy La Capra
Helen Lacey
Rebecca Lees
Sandy Loyd
Heather Marshall
Jean Mason
Tracy Mastaler
Dale Mayer - SOLD!
Meg Mims
Pepper O'Neal
Barbara Reed
Jane Sevier
Kylie Short
Jennifer Stroka
Anna Sugden
Laura Templeton
Olivia Ventura
Kayla Westra
Sharon Wray
Two Finals
Jerrie Alexander
Kathy Altman
Susan Anderson
Iris Astres
Amy Atwell - Sold!
Sarah Baker
Jennifer Lynn Bates
Dianna Benson
Donan Berg
Jaimie Bergeron
Robin Bielman
Kristen Boe
Linda Bond
Roxy Boroughs
Kelly Boyce
Susan Breeden
Shoshana Brown
Reece Butler
Boone Brux
Elizabeth Bysiek
Martha Catt
Lisa Chaplin
C.J. Eernisse Chase
Kristina Coi
Gina Conkle
Lisa Connelly
Meredith Conner
Kelly Conrad
Cecily Cornelius-White
Robin Covington
Mary Culver
Cera Daniels
Lisa Deon
Amy DeTrempe
Jenny Douglas
Eden Elgabri
Alice Fairbanks-Burton
Jamie Farrell
Sharon Lynn Fisher
Lori Sanders Foley
Louise Foster
Joe Fraser
Donna Frelick
December Gephart
Micki Gibson
Gina Grant
Wendy Gray
Roni Griffin
Lynn Gutierrez
Patty Smith Hall
Sharon Hamilton
Jean Harrington
Jennifer Harrington
Lyndee Henderson
Marona Hewitt
Nancy Holland
Jennifer Hopkins
Sharron Houdek
Faye Hughes
Jan Jackson
Suzanne Kaufman Kalb
Ruth Kaufman
Elizabeth Kelley
Rashda Khan
Sally Kilpatrick
Marne Ann Kirstatter
Priscilla Kissinger
Elizabeth Knowles-Palladino
Suzanne Lazear
Philip L. Levin
Barbara Longley
Natalie Lorenzi
Linda Lovely
Aislinn MacNamara
Wendy Marcus
Madeline Martin
Lee McClain
Jennifer McQuiston
Ava Milone
Theresa Monsey
Allison Morse
Danielle Mulcahy
Walt Mussell
Nancy Naigle
Brenda Nelson-Davis
Eleanor Nystrom
Laurel O'Donnell
Karen Papandrew
Kate Parker
Cathy Perkins
Caroline Phipps
Helen Pilz
Carol Post
Katie Reus
Camryn Rhys
Lisa Karon Richardson
Kit Riordan
JoAnn Robisheaux
Kelly Rucker
Mary SeRine
Paula Sharon
Diana Sharples
Claudia Shelton
Merry Simmons
Coreene Smith
Dara-Lee Snow
Katrina Snow
Rita St. Claire
Bronwyn Stuart
Denise Swank
Dawn Temple
Bobbye Terry
Sandra Tilley
Phyllis J. Towzey
Krissee Vanderverff
Tina Edwards Vaughn
Amy Villalba
Laurel Wanrow
Lynn Ward
Ami Weaver
Kate Weichelt
Elysia Whisler
Judith Whitmore
Mia Zachary
Anne K. Albert - Defending Glory
Amy Atwell - Lying Eyes
Alyessa Everett - A Tryst with Trouble
Lexi George - Demon Hunting In Dixie
Keli Gwyn - A Bride Opens Shop in El Dorado, California
Kimberly Killion - Educating Aphrodite
Barbara Longley - Heart of the Druid Laird
Dale Mayer - Tuesday's Child
Nancy Naigle - Out of Focus
J. S. Nichols - Come Back to Me
Edie Ramer - Cattitude
Jo Ramsey - Cluing In
Cat Schield - Meddling with a Millionaire (Harlequin Desire)
G. Jillian Stone - The Yard Man

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