Thursday, October 06, 2011

2010 Divas - 2010 NECRWA First Kiss Winners

On behalf of the New England Chapter of Romance Writers of America (NECRWA),
I am pleased to announce the winner and finalists of our 2010 First Kiss
1st place -  IN TOO DEEP by Cris Hickey
2nd place - PERPETUAL LIGHT by Kimberly Dias
3rd place - EARTH ANGEL by Cecily Cornelius-White
4th place - TOUCH by Jus Accardo
5th place - IT'S IN HIS KISS by Katrina Snow
6th place - LOVING MAX HOLDEN by Katy Upperman
Congratulations to the winner, the finalists and to everyone who
participated in the contest. We wish you the very best in your writing.


Movement upwards listed in Blue...
Seven Finals
Jeanell Bolton
Six Finals
Tracy St. Hilaire
Five Finals
Elisa Beatty
Katie Graykowski
Sylvia McDaniel
Crista McHugh
Four Finals
Nancy Evertz
Kendel Flaum
Tamara Hughes
N J Litz
Dora Mekouar
Isis Rushdan
Rebecca Sampson
Robin Weaver
Three Finals

Peter Andrews
Kathleen Cherry
Katrina Crew
Sarina Dorie
Alyssa Fernandez
Kelly Fitzpatrick
Trudi Seery Gilligan
William Haggart
Leah Hodge
Rebecca Lees
D'Ann Linscott-Dunham
Jean Mason
Tracy Mastaler
Mary Oldham
Connie Queen
Kylie Short
Madeline Smyth
G. Jillian Stone
Anna Sugden
Suzanne Webb
Two Finals
Amy Atwell - Sold!
Jo Anne Banker
Jennifer Beane
Martha Catt
Kathy Coatney
Lexi Connor
Kelly Conrad
Mary Culver
Amy DeTrempe
Kimberly Dias
Alice Fairbanks-Burton
Jamie Farrell
Sharon Lynn Fisher
Lori Sanders Foley
Joe Fraser
December Gephart
Micki Gibson
Kendell Gray
Laurie Green
Lynn Gutierrez
Sharon Hamilton
Marona Hewitt
Kay Hudson
Patrice Kavanaugh
Elizabeth Kelley
Lisa Kessler
Kimberly Killion
Marne Ann Kirstatter
Elizabeth Knowles-Palladino
Helene Lacey
Kim Law
Suzanne Lazear
Barbara Longley
Katie McGarry
Stacy Monson
Danielle Mulcahy
Nancy Naigle
Brenda Nelson-Davis
Cindy Nord
Kelly Rucker
Merry Simmons
Heather Snow
Bonnie Staring
Ciara Stewart
Jennifer Stroka
Jennifer Tanner
Bobbye Terry
Phyllis J. Towzey
Amy Villalba
Anne K. Albert - Defending Glory
Amy Atwell - Lying Eyes
Alyessa Everett - A Tryst with Trouble
Gwyn, Keli - A Bride Opens Shop in El Dorado, California
Barbara Longley - Heart of the Druid Laird
Nancy Naigle - Out of Focus
J. S. Nichols - Come Back to Me
Edie Ramer - Cattitude
Jo Ramsey - Cluing In
G. Jillian Stone - The Yard Man

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