Thursday, February 10, 2011

2010 Divas - Touch of Magic Contest Winners

Central Florida Romance Writers is pleased to announce the final placements
in the 2010 Touch of Magic Contest

Paranormal  -  Meredith Giordan, Berkley. 

1st place: Christal Murphy, Awaken the Dragon 

2nd place: Tamara Hughes, Bewitching the Beast  

3rd place: Dawn Wolzein, Sea Panther

Young Adult - Danielle Poisz, Simon and Schuster. 

1st place: Peter Andrews, Dream Crafters

2nd place: Tracy St. Hilaire, Fifteen Forever

3rd place: Bec Sampson, Alli's Playground

Short Contemporary - Gail Chasan, Harlequin.  

1st place: Dani Collins, His Majesty's Inappropriate Mistress

2nd place: Cindy Taylor, A Family of Her Own

3rd place: Brenda Hammond, Owe My Love

Single Title - Kate Dresser, Simon and Schuster.

1st place: Robin Weaver, Book Learning

2nd place: Stephanie Faris, The Get Him System

3rd place: Dale Mayer, Hide - n - Go Seek

Historical - Helen Rosburg, Medallion Press

1st place: Jennifer Beane, Promises
2nd place: Kayla Westra, Lady Knight

3rd place: Sue Webb, Scenting Scandal

NSRE - Esi Sogah, Harper Collins.

1st place: Dawna Rand, Odin's End

2nd place: Sandra Tilley, Call Me Cinderella

3rd place: Bobbye Terry, Coming to Climax

Romantic Suspense - Katherine Pelz, Berkley. 

1st place: Jean Mason, Buried in Plain Sight

2nd place: Jan Jackson, Runaway

3rd place: Anna Sugden, Past, Imperfect
Movement upwards listed in Blue...
Three Finals
Kathleen Cherry
Kylie Short
Tracy St. Hilaire
Two Finals
Nancy Evertz
Kendel Flaum
Katie Graykowski
Marona Hewitt
Tamara Hughes
Tracy Mastaler
Danielle Mulcahy
Bobbye Terry
Robin Weaver
Anne K. Albert - Defending Glory
Amy Atwell - Lying Eyes
Barbara Longley - Heart of the Druid Lord
Nancy Naigle - Out of Focus
J. S. Nichols - Come Back to Me
Edie Ramer - Cattitude
G. Jillian Stone - The Yard Man

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