Friday, February 18, 2011

2010 Divas - Sandy Writing Contest Winners

2010 Sandy Writing Contest Winners!

Mainstream Adult Fiction
Final Judge, Christine Pride, Editor, Broadway Books/ Random House
1st Place - Doubting River - Melissa Alexander
2nd Place - Switch-A-Roo - Martha L. Catt
3rd Place - Family Obligations - William Mays
Honorable Mention - The Color of Silence - Sally Clark

Final Judge, Megan McKeever, Editor, Pocket Books
1st Place - Passion - Jeanell Bolton
2nd Place - A Daring Proposal - Sandra Kerns
3rd Place - Conundrum - Patricia Coleman
Honorable Mention - Black Rocks - Elysia Whisler

Fantasy / Science Fiction
Final Judge, Ginger Clark, Agent at Curtis Brown
1st Place - Fairy Tales - Elizabeth Roadlife
2nd Place - Mourn Their Courage - Victoria Dixon
3rd Place - Marked - Kerri-Leigh Grady
Honorable Mention - Paradox - Isis Rushdan
Thriller / Suspense
Final Judge, Mark Tavani, Sr. Editor at Ballantine
1st Place - Naked Choke - Susanna Rogers
2nd Place - The Miser Who Bought the Farm - Kendel Flaum
3rd Place - Papyrus - John Oehler
Children / Young Adult
Final Judge, Julie Scheina, Assistant Editor at Little, Brown Books
1st Place - Fifteen Forever - Tracy St. Hillaire
2nd Place - A Following Sea - Krista Russel
3rd Place - Demons of Aether - Cheryl Coupe
Honorable Mention - Vetsy Strikes: Surviving 4th Grade With a Brain Hamster - Vanessa Appleby
Honorable Mention - A Common Launguage - Emilie Bishop
Movement upwards listed in Blue...
Five Finals
Sylvia McDaniel
Four Finals
Nancy Evertz
Kendel Flaum
Three Finals
Jeanell Bolton
Kathleen Cherry
Alyssa Fernandez
Katie Graykowski
Kylie Short
Tracy St. Hilaire
Robin Weaver
Two Finals
Amy Atwell - Sold!
Kelly Conrad
Brenda Nelson-Davis
Jamie Farrell
Bill Haggart
Marona Hewitt
Tamara Hughes
Patrice Kavanaugh
Lisa Kessler
Marne Ann Kirstatter
Rebecca Lees
Jean Mason
Tracy Mastaler
Crista McHugh
Danielle Mulcahy
Nancy Naigle
Mary Oldham
Connie Queen
Kelly Rucker
Heather Snow
Bonnie Staring
Anna Sugden
Bobbye Terry
Anne K. Albert - Defending Glory
Amy Atwell - Lying Eyes
Barbara Longley - Heart of the Druid Lord
Nancy Naigle - Out of Focus
J. S. Nichols - Come Back to Me
Edie Ramer - Cattitude
G. Jillian Stone - The Yard Man

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