Wednesday, November 12, 2008

2008 Divas - Touch of Magic Winners

Central Florida Romance Writers 2008 Touch of Magic Contest winners:

Single Title
1st - Love on a Limb by Lauren Darcey
2nd - Through My Eyes by Susan Peek
3rd - She Shot the Chair by Donna Helmedag

1st - Finding His Way Home by Libby Hougland Banks
2nd - Bad Boy, Good Man by Anna Sugden
3rd - Too Sweet to Eat by Christine Glover

1st - Cleopatra's Heart by Loretta DeMarino
2nd - Maiden Widow by Victoria Whitaker
3rd - The Masquerading Duke by Stephie Smith

1st - The Trouble with Ghosts by Jodi Redford
2nd - Chains of Honor by Kristin Welker
3rd - Better Dead by Pamela Kopfler

Novel with Strong Romantic Elements
1st - Lost Mountain by Rita Horiguchi
2nd - Shrine of the Heavens by Shauna Roberts
3rd - Call Sign Scarlett by Julie Whitby

** Better Dead won our Sandy Star Award for overall highest score in memory of Sandi Haddad**
Upward movement in blue...
Five Finals.....
Amy Atwell
Vannetta Chapman
Four Finals....
Pamela Kopfler
Three Finals...
Cynthia Arends
Pamela Bolton-Holifield
Yvonne Harris
Jean Mason
Courtney Milan
Two Finals..
Laura Graham Booth
Tina Butts
Vannetta Chapman
Rachelle Chase
Kathy Coatney
Lauren Darcey
Kimberly Duffy
Ann Fischer
Donna Hall
Ann Hinnenkamp
Jamie Kersten
Michelle Lauren
Melinda Leigh
Cathy Leming
Kathy Lowry Logan - SOLD!
Linda Lovely
Heidi Luchterhand
Greta MacEachern
Virginia McCullough
Deborah Nemeth
Susan Newman
Lori Philbin
Theresa Ragan
Jodi Redford
Averil Reisman
Stephie Smith
Anna Sugden
Kristin Welker
Julie Whitby
Deb Yates
Jennifer Ziros
Divas who sold...
Susan Shay - SOLD

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