Thursday, November 13, 2008

2008 Divas - Stroke of Midnight Winners


First Place - Scenting Cinnamon, by Ella Drake
Second Place - Reaction Time, by Alannah Lynne
Third Place - From Afar, by Ava March
HM - Full Moon, by Tiffany Kenzie
HM - Him, Memoir of My Second Marriage to the Egyptian God of Fertility, by Constance Denson-Hamilton


First Place - Liberating Lacey, by Anne Calhoun
Second Place - Laws Of Attraction, by Crystal Kauffman
Third Place - Nice and Naughty, by Jayne Rylon
HM - Love, Lust and Lies, by Cathleen Ross
HM - Trading Favors, by Reece Butler


First Place - Plantation Rule, by Noelle Henderson and Barbra Moser
Second Place - Show Me-The Spartan Chronicles, by Nadia Aidan
Third Place - Seeking Truth, by Francesca Hawley
HM - A Gentleman For Her, by Ava March
HM - Wild At Heart, by Crystal Kauffman


First Place - Wings Of Desire, by Sindee Sexton
Second Place - Fairy Prince, by Leanne Karella
Third Place - Almost Darke, by P.M. Black
HM - Soul Bound, by Barbara Morgan
HM - Goddess in Trouble, by Maggie Nash


First Place - The Tiger's Tale, by Nara Malone
Second Place - Saving Jenna, by Violet Summers
Third Place - Bluebeard's Hunger, by Ella Drake
HM - Minotaur, by Hortense Powdermaker
HM - Believing Is Seeing, by Corinne Davies

Upward movement in blue...
Five Finals.....
Amy Atwell
Vannetta Chapman
Four Finals....
Cynthia Arends
Pamela Kopfler
Three Finals...
Pamela Bolton-Holifield
Yvonne Harris
Jean Mason
Courtney Milan
Two Finals..
Laura Graham Booth
Tina Butts
Vannetta Chapman
Rachelle Chase
Kathy Coatney
Lauren Darcey
Ella Drake
Kimberly Duffy
Ann Fischer
Donna Hall
Ann Hinnenkamp
Crystal Kauffman
Jamie Kersten
Michelle Lauren
Melinda Leigh
Cathy Leming
Kathy Lowry Logan - SOLD!
Linda Lovely
Heidi Luchterhand
Greta MacEachern
Ava March
Virginia McCullough
Deborah Nemeth
Susan Newman
Lori Philbin
Theresa Ragan
Jodi Redford
Averil Reisman
Stephie Smith
Anna Sugden
Kristin Welker
Julie Whitby
Deb Yates
Jennifer Ziros
Divas who sold...
Susan Shay - SOLD

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