Sunday, June 03, 2007

2007 Divas ~ Heart of the Rockies Winners

Colorado Romance Writers is proud to announce its Heart of the Rockies winners and honorable mentions. We had four requests from editors. Thanks to all our volunteers!
Jan Snyder, 2007 Heart of the Rockies Coordinator

Long Contemporary Category Romance:

1st Place- A First Time for Everything by Abigail Strom

2nd Place- The Men of Their Dreams by Lynda Rettick

3rd Place- Venus in Blue Jeans by Margaret Batschelet


Short Contemporary Category Romance:

1st Place- Morgan Ranch by Micole Black

2nd Place- Meadow Lark Spring by Judy Wickam

3rd Place- Caitlyn's Cowboy by Patricia Morgan

Honorable Mention

The House on Copper Street by Bobbie O'Keefe


Romantic Suspense:

1st Place- Widow's Tale by Maureen Miller

2nd Place- Sweet Deceit by Julie Stephens

3rd Place- Homicide in Aisle 13 by Karen Graffenberger

Honorable Mention

Relative Malice by Joan Goodman



1st Place- Heaven Sent by Deb Yates

2nd Place- Kiss of a Traitor by Gail Foreman

3rd Place- Unbound Heart by Leigh Dennis


Paranormal/Time Travel/Futuristic:

1st Place- Her Man in the Moon by Gail Foreman

2nd Place-Hell's Angel by Joanne Kennedy

3rd Place-The Passion Stone by Sherry Diener

Honorable Mention

Obsidian Hearts by Lynda Cox


Single Title Romance:

1st Place- The Rosetti Curse by Tina Novinski Radcliffe

2nd Place- Get by Nancy Lytle

3rd Place- Broken Wings by Karen Docter

3rd Place- The Meistersinger by Kimberly Fish

Honorable Mention

Lone Tree by Bobbie O'Keefe

Twist of Fate by Amy Baldwin

Sitting Courtside by Tyuana Bailey


Mainstream with Romantic Elements:

1st Place- Path of the Butterfly by Krista Wilson

2nd Place- Murphy's Law by Sandy James

3rd Place- Cross Talk by Caren Helms

Honorable Mention

No Strings Attached by Beth Watson

Chasing Dreams by Robin Searle



1st Place- Seeing You by Pamela Nissin

2nd Place- To Win a Gladiator by Carla Hughes

3rd Place- Annie's Heart by Judythe Hixson

Honorable Mention

Never Been Kissed by Danica Favorite-McDonald

Their Miracle Baby by Danica Favorite-McDonald



1st Place- The Sand Castle by Cynthia D'Alba

2nd Place- On Business by Monica Kaye

3rd Place- Yesterday's Indiscretion by Harris Channing

......Upward movement in blue...
Five Finals....
Gail Foreman - SOLD!
Lisa Marie Wilkinson - SOLD!
Deb Yates
Four Finals....
Cathy Leming
Abigail Strom
Three Finals...
Amy Baldwin
Margaret Batschelet
Nancy Lytle
Bobbie O'Keefe
Rachel Robinson
Beth Watson
Two Finals.....
Vanetta Chapman
Danica Favorite-McDonald
Joan Goodman
Robin Haseltine
L. Faye Hughes
Donna Kowalczyk
Lorrie Kruse
Donna Maloy
Virginia McCullough
Kristina McMorris
Micqui Miller
Laurel O'Donnell
Annie Oortman
Kiki Opdenberg
Jan Scarbrough
Cat Schield
Kaki Warner

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