Monday, June 04, 2007

2007 Divas ~ FAB 5 Winners



Winner -- Angie Fox Gwinner -THE ACCIDENTAL DEMON SLAYER

Second Place -- Sandra De Taranto - INCREDIBLE DREAMS

Third Place -- Laurel Bradley - TIMING IS EVERYTHING

Fourth Place -- Laurel Bradley - SOME WHERE/SOME WHEN
Honorable Mention -- Debra K. Maher - CLAIRE'S CROSSING


Final Judge: Gail Northmann, Executive Editor, Triskelion Publishing


Short Contemporary


Winner -- Cat Schield - A CASE OF MEDDLING

Second Place -- Stacey Joy Netzel - DECONSTRUCTING JORDAN

Third Place -- Rachel Berens-VanHeest - TAKE A CHANCE ON ME

Fourth Place -- Lynnette Baughman - THE SEXIEST MAN ALIVE

Honorable Mention -- Donna Kowalczyk - MEANT TO BE

Honorable Mention -- Bobbi Dumas - O'SHEA'S FIANCEE


Six finalists because of tie scores.


Final Judge: Jessica Alvarez, editor, Steeple Hill


Long Contemporary/Single Title


Winner -- Virginia McCullough -- THE CHAPELS ON THE HILL

Second Place -- Kathleen Irene Paterka -- FATTY PATTY

Third Place -- Cari Gunsallus -- PRETENSES OF LOVE

Fourth Place -- Amy Lillard -- SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY

Honorable Mention -- Christine Keniston -- PRODIGAL DAUGHTER


Final Judge: Emily Sylvan Kim—agent—The Prospect Agency


Romantic Suspense


Winner -- Annie Oortman - DIE AGAIN

Second Place -- Shirley Cayer - CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCE

Third Place -- Babette DeJongh - GUARDING JULIA

Fourth Place -- Shirley Cayer - PAINT HER DEAD

Honorable Mention -- Sherry Foley - A CAPTIVE HEART


Final Judge: Caren Johnson, agent, Caren Johnson Literary Agency




Winner -- Gina Black - CHERRY ON TOP

Second Place -- Cindy Procter King - A LITTLE WILD

Third Place -- Jennifer Lawler - NIGHT BLOOMING JASMINE

Fourth Place -- Heather Logan Kaufman - FIGHTING THE UNDERTOW

Honorable Mention -- Heather Logan Kaufman - NATURE'S PENTACLE


Final Judge: Rose Hilliard, associate editor, St. Martin's Press




Winner -- Lesli Muir Lytle - 17 DAYS OF THISTLE AND DOWN

Second Place -- Cindy Nord - NO GREATER GLORY

Third Place -- Barbara Fraire - LADY LIBERTINE

Fourth Place -- Carol Aloisi - IN THE HANDS OF A TEXAN

Honorable Mention -- Carrie Lofty -– REDEEMING WILL SCARLET


Final Judge: Leah Hultenschmidt, editor, Dorchester Publishing


......Upward movement in blue...

Five Finals....
Lisa Marie Wilkinson - SOLD!
Deb Yates
Four Finals....
Gail Foreman - SOLD!
Cathy Leming
Abigail Strom
Three Finals...
Amy Baldwin
Margaret Batschelet
Laurel Bradley
Donna Kowalczyk
Nancy Lytle
Virginia McCullough
Bobbie O'Keefe
Annie Oortman
Rachel Robinson
Cat Schield
Beth Watson
Two Finals.....
Shirley Cayer
Vanetta Chapman
Danica Favorite-McDonald
Joan Goodman
Angie fox Gwinner
Robin Haseltine
L. Faye Hughes
Heather Logan Kaufman
Lorrie Kruse
Donna Maloy
Kristina McMorris
Micqui Miller
Laurel O'Donnell
Kiki Opdenberg
Jan Scarbrough
Kaki Warner

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