Monday, December 29, 2008

2008 Divas - Original Golden Opportunity Contest Winners

Toronto Romance Writers Announces the Category Winners for the:
20th Annual Original Golden Opportunity Contest - 2008

Overall Gold Ticket Winner
Judge: Kristin Nelson, Nelson Literary Agency

Winner: FINNEGAN BEGIN AGAIN, Nikki Figueiredo

Runner up: LUCKY LILLY AND THE MOUNTIE-MAN, Elizabeth Copeman

The category finalist placements are:

Contemporary Series -- Judge: Brenda Chin, Harlequin

First Place: THE DEAL BROKER, Melissa Smith
Second Place: SUMMER OF LOVE, Victoria LeBlanc
Third Place: THE MATADOR, Kimberley Howe

Romantic Elements -- Judge: Katie Gilligan, Thomas Dunne

First Place: FINNEGAN BEGIN AGAIN, Nikki Figueiredo
Second Place: CALL SIGN SCARLETT, Julie Whitby
Third Place: HASTA LA VISTA, BABY, Donna Wierzbowski
Fourth Place: DARK SECRETS, Sherri Buerkle

Contemporary Single Title -- Judge: Margo Lipschultz, Harlequin

First Place: WHATEVER IT TAKES, Louise Knott Ahern
Second Place: COLOR MY HORSE, Bev Pettersen
Third Place: DESIGNS ON YOU, Robin Bielman

Young Adult -- Judge: Lexa Hillyer, Penguin

First Place: LOSING IT, Tracy Belsher
Third Place: WISHFUL THINKING, Elizabeth C. Langston

Romantic Suspense -- Judge: Megan McKeever, Pocket

First Place: LUCKY LILLY AND THE MOUNTIE-MAN, Elizabeth Copeman
Second Place: BODY LANGUAGE, Robin S. Sorrentino
Third Place: A STRANGER'S TOUCH, Donna Ann Tunney
Fourth Place: PORTRAIT OF A NIGHTINGALE, Amanda Collins

Historical -- Judge: Leis Pederson, Berkley

First Place: THE GAUNTLET, Beverley Kendall
Second Place: FROM THE ASHES, Lecia Cotton Cornwall
Third Place: SANDPIPER DREAM, Marilyn Lamb
Fourth Place: FATAL FORTUNE, Joanne Barnaba

Paranormal -- Judge: Leah Hultenschmidt, Dorchester

First Place: WARD AGAINST DEATH, Melanie Card
Second Place: TANGLED HEARTS, Janis McCurry
Third Place: LORD OF ABYDOS, Michalea Moore


Upward movement in blue...

Eight Finals.........
Cathy Leming
Robin Perini
Seven Finals......
Pamela Kopfler
Averil Reisman
Six Finals......
Amy Atwell
Caroline Fyffe - SOLD!
Five Finals.....
Cynthia Arends
Pamela Bolton-Holifield
Vannetta Chapman
Courtney Milan - SOLD!
Michelea Moore
Deb Yates
Four Finals....
Vicki Bendau
Yvonne Harris
Victoria LeBlanc
Jean Mason
Deborah Nemeth
Susan Newman
Sally Orr
Cate Rowan
Julie Whitby
Three Finals...
Julie Bensen
Nikki Benyon
Tina Butts
Lauren Darcey
Alleyne Dickens
Melanie Dickerson
Kimberly Duffy
Donna Hall
Ruth Logan Herne
Ann Hinnenkamp
Mary Lou Keller
Heidi Luchterhand
Shauna Roberts
Donna Rosenbloom
Cat Schield
Stephie Smith
Lori Philbin
Robin Weaver
Kristin Welker
Jennifer Ziros
Two Finals..
Louise Knott Ahern
Joanne Barnaba
Julie Revell Benjamin
Laura Graham Booth
Jennifer Bray-Weber
Kelsey Browning
Sherri Buerkle
Melanie Card
Vannetta Chapman
Rachelle Chase
Kathy Coatney
Amanda Collins
Laurie Cooper
Elizabeth Copeman
Becke Davis
Sarah Elizabeth Davis
Alyssa Fernandez
Nikki Figueiredo
Ann Fischer
Kelly Fitzpatrick
Anna Hackett
Sandy James - SOLD!
Beverley Kendall - SOLD!
Kris Kennedy
Lora Kenton
Jamie Kersten
Marge Knudsen
Ash Krafton
Kathy Krevat
Michelle Lauren
Corinna Lavitt
Melinda Leigh
Virginia Lester
Barbara Longley
Kathy Lowry Logan - SOLD!
Linda Lovely
Greta MacEachern
Ann Marsh-Flores - SOLD!
Virginia McCullough
Donna L. Meier
Erica Miles
Lenore Nash
Elyssa Papa
Belinda Peterson
Bev Pettersen
Elizabeth Pina
Tina M. Radcliffe
Theresa Ragan
Jodi Redford
Christina Rich
Ann Siracusa
Roxanne Sherwood
Kristal Hinds Singletary
Susan Sipal
Robin S. Sorrentino
Lori Sowell
Anna Sugden
Sarah Tregay
Candace Wall
Kimberly Wenger
Victoria Whitaker
Skyler White
Divas Who Sold...

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