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2007 Divas - Golden Heart Winners

Contemporary Series Romance
Under the Harvest Moon by Joleen Wieser
Borrowed Stilettos by Rebecca Clark
Too Late for Love? by Jacueline Floyd
Redefining Mr. Perfect by Melissa Ann James
Hide and Seek Love by Paula Keller
Trust in Me by Priscilla Kissinger
Saving the Rich Man by Greta MacEachern
The Italian Solution by Greta MacEachern
She's Just Right by Diane Stoddard

Contemporary Series Romance: Suspense/Adventure
The Midnight Effect by Pamela Fryer
Hot Pursuit by Lynn Raye Harris
Long Shadows by Donna Meier
Kitty's Fire by Kelly Ann Riley

Inspirational Romance
Running from Trouble by Kit Wilkinson
Addie's Choice by Keli Gwyn
Love in Bloom by Keli Gwyn
Wyndermere House by Susan Mason
This Time forever by Denise Meinstad

Contemporary Single Title Romance
Money, Honey by Susan Seyfarth
Public Relations by Amy Atwell
Summer Storm by Patricia Brayton-Winter
Beauty and the Geek by Susan Castleberry
The Lost by Shelley Coriell
Love on the Rocks by Mary Sullivan
Better Late than Never by Theresa Ragan
The Princess Project by Susan Seyfarth

Historical Romance
Wanting Finian by Kris Kennedy
Earth's Only Paradise by Cynthia Eernisse Chase
The Lightkeeper's Wife by Christrine Johnson
The Kinds of Wanting by Kris Kennedy
Breath of Honor by Courtney Milan
No Greater Glory by Cindy Nord
Moss Square by Kathryn Parker
Lily's Outlaw by Tatia Totorica
Through the Fire by Beth Trissel

Novel with Strong Romantic Elements
The Devil You Know by Christa Selnick
To Dance with My Father by Constance Gillam
Evil Eye by Elizabeth Heiter
Secrets of the Blackwood by Christine Johnson
The Professor by Cathy Perkins
In the Money by Bev Pettersen
Heads Up, St. anthony by Liese Sherwood-Fabre
Alternate Ending by Julia Whitby
Flaherty's Crossing by Kristina Y. McMorris and Linda Yoshida

Paranormal Romance
Soul Provider by Annette McCleave
Wish List by Kerry Allen
Bedknobs & Broomsticks by Kelly Gay
Night's Cold Kiss by Tracey Lee-Anne O'Hara
Haven by Donna Pruneau
Lilith's Child by Lee Roland
The Sextant by Jennifer Satterfield
The Magic Knot by Helen Scott Taylor

Regency Historical Romance
Mistaken by Moonlight by Susan Gee Heino
Midnight Promises by Anne Barton
Lost in Love by Pamela Bolton-Holifield
Glorious by Darcy Burke
Haunting James by Emily Dennis
A Talent for Sin by Lavinia Klein

Young Adult Romance
The Cinderella Society by Kay Cassidy
Party Like It's 1899 by Amanda Brice
Wishing You Were Here by Catherine Chant
Blighted by Kelly Gay

Romantic Suspense
Sweet Deceit by Julie Stevens
Murder in Situ by Rachel Grant
One Shot, Two Kills by Kimberley Howe
Truth and Consequences by Robin Perini
Finding Kate Huntley by Theresa Ragan
Dying to Remember by C. J. Redwine
Safe in Enemy Arms by Joan Swan
Beyond the Borders by Helene Young
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Upward movement in blue...

Twenty-four Finals..........
Cathy Leming
Fifteen Finals...............
Kristina McMorris
DeAnne Wildes-Mickelson - SOLD!
Fourteen Finals............
Donna Rosenbloom
Deb Yates
Thirteen Finals.............
Beth Trissel
Twelve Finals............
Donna Meier

Cathy Perkins
Eleven Finals...........
Vanetta Chapman
Greta MacEachern
Cat Schield
Linda Yoshida
Ten Finals.........
Kimberly Price - SOLD!
Nine Finals.........
Jeanne Dickson
Marian Stevens
Eight Finals........
Sandy/Sandra James - SOLD!
Debra K. Maher
Laurel O'Donnell
Theresa Ragan
Abigail Strom
Kit Wilkinson
Lisa Marie Wilkinson - SOLD!
Seven Finals.......
Cynthia Arends
Kathleen Cherry
Keli Gwyn
Tanya T. Holmes
Anitra McLeod
JoAnn Weatherly
Six Finals......
Amy Baldwin
Wendi Christner
Laurie DeSalvo
Alleyne Dickens
Suzan Dickinson
Mary Fechter
Carla Hughes
Cindy Nord
Annie Oortman
Lee Roland
Mary Rhyan
Five Finals.....
Margaret Batschelet
Pamela Bolton-Holifield
Sharon Calvin
Sena Conway
Laura Cumbie
Gail Foreman - SOLD!
Angie Fox Gwinner - SOLD!
Yvonne L. Harris
Kimberley Howe
Jacqui Jacoby
Barbara Longley
Kathryn Parker
Anna Perrin
Inara Scott
Susan Seyfarth
Leslie Tentler
Beth Watson
Four Finals....
Jennifer Brassel
C. J. Eernisse Chase
Nicole Collins
Lynda J. Cox
Cynthia D'Alba
Sandra De Taranto
Melanie Dickerson
Vicky Dreiling
Kimberly Duffy
Donna Hall
Christine Johnson
Christine Keach
Lorrie Kruse
Joanne Lockyer
Nancy Lytle
Virginia McCullough
Renee Munoz
Susan Peek
Bev Pettersen
Diane Ramsay/Ramsey
Jodi Redford
Jan Scarbrough
Stephie Smith
Linda Steinberg
Debbie Swanson
Helen Scott Taylor - SOLD!
Becke Turner
Kaki Warner
Victoria Wasserman
Julie Whitby
Laura Williams
Three Finals...
Nancy Arnold
Narelle Atkins
Amy Artwell
Joanne Barnaba
Lynnette Baughman
Anne Marie Becker
Kelly Boyce
Laurel Bradley
Debbie Brehens
Kerensa Brougham
Wendy Burge
Darcy Burke
Patricia Canavan
Sarah Castleberry
Catherine Chant
Caroline Dunsheath
Leah Farrin
Linda Hurtado Figueredo
Kelly Ann Fitzgerald
Gail Francis
Sonja Goedde
Melissa Haack
Audra Harders
Lynn Raye Harris
Robin Haseltine
Ann Hinnenkamp
L. Faye Hughes
Joan Kayse
Yvonne/Vonnie Kennedy
Donna Kowalczyk
Shelia Langley
Barbara Cool Lee
Madeline McBride
Courtney Milan
Pamela Nissen
Tracey O'Hara
Bobbie O'Keefe
Robin Perini
Elaine Powell
Cate Rowan
Erica Ridley
Glynna Kaye Sirpless
Julie Stevens
Joan Swan
Pamela Varnado
Kristin Wallace
Suzanne Welsh
Sharon Wray
Two Finals..
Judie Aitken
Kathy Altman
Carmine V. Anderson
Sarah Andre
Sharon Arkell
Tyuana Bailey
Jacqueline Barbour - SOLD!
Laura Graham Booth
Sheryl Brennan
E. J. Brighton
Marilee Brothers
Shoshana Brown
Tina Joyce Butts
Evie Byrne
Shirley Cayer
Julie Charles
Rebecca Clark
Caroline Comito
Vivienne Constable
Lisa Cooke
Laurie Cooper
Shelley Coriell
Jessica Davidson
Jaclyn DiBonna/Di Bona
Karen Docter
Karen Dood
Wenda Dottridge
Danica Favorite-McDonald
Judi Fennell - SOLD!
Joya Fields
Ann Fischer
Sherry Foley
Barbara Fraire
Pamela Fryer
Marsha Garcia
Kelly Gay
Diane Gerber
Deborah Gilbert
Kristin Gillenwater
Janice Goodfellow
Diana Groe
Deborah Gross
Anna Hackett
Bill Haggart
Jennifer Harris
Jennette Heikes
Susan Gee Heino
Elizabeth Heiter
Ruth Logan Herne
Tamara Hughes
Ellie Huse
Magie Jaimeson
Noel Jamisey
Angela Johnson
Susan Johnson
Frances Karkosak
Heather Logan Kaufman
Ruth Kaufman
Christie Kelley
Joanne Kennedy
Kris Kennedy
Sandra Kerns
Babe King
Kathleen Krevat
Barbara Kroon
Mary LaHood
Thalia Leigh
Lesli Lent
Elaine Levine - SOLD!
Jo Lewis-Robertson
Lisa Lindsay
Nancy Litzau
Carrie Lofty
Lesli Muir Lytle
Frances Mallary
Donna Maloy
Linley Maroney
Annette McCleave
Trish Milburn
Micqui Miller
Kelly Moore
Patricia Morgan
Joyce Mullen
Sherri Neilson
Brenda Nelson-Davis
Deborah Nemeth
Jill Nutter
Michelle Odell
Carolyn O'Neill
Kiki Opdenberg
Eve Ortega
Tina Pennica
Judi Phillips
Angela Platt
Tina Radcliffe
Lynn Reynolds-Burkins
Regina Richards
Terri Richison
Kelly Ann Riley
Julie Rowe
Karen Seaton
Nisha Sharma
Gail Shelton
Liese Sherwood-Fabre
Sarah Sinclair
Susan Sipal
Carolyn Ray Stradinger
Carla Swafford
Sarah Tregay
Philine Tucker
Lynn Wagner
Ami Weaver
Tamra Westberry
Joleen Wieser
Teresa Wilde
Carol R. Wood
Betty Woods
Yvonne Yirka
Divas who sold...
Katherine Lowry Logan - SOLD!

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