Monday, May 07, 2007

2007 Divas ~ The Shelia Winners

Valley Forge Romance Writers
Congratulates the Winners and Finalists of
THE SHEILA Contest 2007

Single Title
Final Judge: Chris Keeslar, Dorchester Publishing
1st Place: A Life Worth Living by Lorrie Kruse
2nd Place: Twist of Fate by Amy Baldwin
3rd Place: by Nancy Lytle
4th Place: Venus in Blue Jeans by Margaret Batschelet
5th Place: Sing For Me by Laura Graham Booth*

Women's Fiction with Romantic Elements/Chick Lit
Final Judge: Rose Hilliard, St. Martin's Press
1st Place: A Headache for St. Anthony by Lese Sherwood-Fabre
2nd Place: Desperate Ex-Housewives by Candis Lynn Terry
3rd Place: Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This by Wendy Byrne
4th Place: Greta's Grace by Virginia McCullough
5th Place: Island Healing by Virginia McCullough

Romantic Suspense
Final Judge: Megan McKeever, Pocket Books
1st Place: Bitter Truth by Anne Marie Becker

2nd Place: Son of the Enemy by Joan Goodman
3rd Place: The Weight of Love by Vannetta Chapman
4th Place: Racing Hearts by Deborah Behrens
5th Place: Kidnapped by Suzanne Welsh

Final Judge: Keyren Gerlach, HQN
1st Place: The Source of Magic by Cate Rowan
2nd Place: Into the Dark by Abigail Strom
3rd Place: Angels at Almacks by Cathy Leming
4th Place: Hedda's Sword by Deanna Wildes-Mickelson
5th Place: Some Where/Some When by Laurel Bradley

Final Judge: Roberta Brown, Agent, Brown Literary Agency
1st Place: Fire at Midnight by Lisa Marie Wilkinson
2nd Place: Dangerous Seduction by Frances Karkosak
3rd Place: Heaven Sent by Deb Yates

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Three Finals
Lisa Marie Wilkinson - SOLD
Two Finals.....
Amy Baldwin
Vanetta Chapman
Gail Foreman
L. Faye Hughes
Donna Kowalczyk
Cathy Leming
Donna Maloy
Virginia McCullough
Micqui Miller
Kiki Opdenberg
Rachel Robinson
Abigail Strom
Kaki Warner
Beth Watson
Deb Yates

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