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2006 Divas ~ Golden Heart Finalists

2007 Golden Heart for Best Contemporary Single Title Romance Manuscript Finalists
Walk Away Joe by Donnell Ann Bell
Beneath the Surface by Mary Fechter
Diamonds To Die For by Michelle Gilles
Sing for Me by Laura Graham Booth
Romeo, Romeo by Robin Kawczynski
Touch of Danger by Susan Paytas
Enemy Hearts by Krista Reynolds
Ten Simple Steps To Becoming a Sex Goddess by Leshia Stolt

2007 Golden Heart for Best Inspirational Romance Manuscript Finalists
The Heart Beckons by Carla Hughes
Trouble in Paradise by Tina Radcliffe
Accidental Truth by Ramona Thompson
One Day by Gina Welborn

2007 Golden Heart for Best Long Contemporary Romance Manuscript Finalists
Feel The Vibrations by Jena Brown
All Or Nothing by Beth Burgoon
All My Tomorrows by Mary Gardner
Subliminal Seduction by Laurie Kellogg
Her Hometown Man by Cindy Procter-King
Mortgaged Hearts by Anahita Sugden

2007 Golden Heart for Best Long Historical Romance Manuscript Finalists
The Captain's Ring by Patricia Cerrone
A Rose Among Thorns by Patricia Detweiler
Montana Sky At Dawn by Caroline Fyffe

Sager's Passion by Elaine Levine
Forever a Rogue by Elizabeth Stock
Lady's Knight by Kayla Westra
McKenzie's Secret by Jerilyn Willin

2007 Golden Heart for Best Paranormal Romance Manuscript Finalists
The Kiss of Fate by Katey Coffing
Dyad Dreams by Ann Hinnenkamp
Shadow of a Dream by Jennifer Hubbard
Time Treasure by Sheila-Rae Z. Mohs
All Fired Up by Kristen Painter
Return of the Rose by Theresa Ragan
The Wolf Within by Melanie Scott
Black Jack by Jennifer Stark

2007 Golden Heart for Best Romantic Suspense Manuscript Finalists
Falling into Darkness by Bronwyn Clarke
Twilight's Children by Shelley Coriell
Son of the Enemy by Joan Goodman
One Shot, Two Kills by Kimberley Howe
Make Me Believe by Elisabeth Naughton
Deadly Intent by Anna Perrin
Tread Softly: A Want Ad Mystery by Kelly Riley
Don't Look Back by Vicki Williams Tharp

2007 Golden Heart for Best Short Contemporary Romance Manuscript Finalists
Mr. Right Now by Laura Barone
Best Buddies by Connie Cox
The Runaway Heiress by Gail Fuller
Something to Talk About by Julie Harrington
Sexy by Design by Melissa Ann James
The Ex-Factor by Melanie Scott
The Baby Interview by Robbie Terman
Weekend Agreement by Barbara Tanner Wallace

2007 Golden Heart for Best Short Historical Romance Manuscript Finalists
The Price of Love by Delilah Ahrendt
The Lost Jewel by Debra Bess
Letters from Home by Kristina McMorris
The Third Bride by Thomasine Rappold
Dangerous Magic by Alix Rickloff

2007 Golden Heart for Best Novel with Strong Romantic Elements Manuscript Finalists
When Last I Loved You by Jan Eklund Tracy
Remembering How to Make Music by Teresa Elliot Brown
Double Rainbow by Yvonne Harris
Nairobi Nights by Kimberley Howe
Chasing Midnight by Laura Martello
The Miseducation of April Hillson by Maureen McGowan
I Do...Don't I? by Beth Watson
According To Jane by Marilyn Weigel

2007 Golden Heart for Best Young Adult Romance Manuscript Finalists
My Best Friend's A Real Dog by Kimberly Duffy
About Face by Elizabeth Langston
Coven by Trish Milburn
The Wishing Tree by Trish Milburn
Cupid Girl by Wendy Kay Toliver
DIVA LEADERS...upward movement in blue...
Thirty-Eight Finals........
Lisa Marie Wilkinson - SOLD!
Twenty-One Finals........
Victoria Wasserman
Eighteen Finals......
Christie Craig - SOLD!
Fourteen Finals.....
Helen Scott-Taylor
Thirteen Finals......
Carla Hughes
Twelve Finals............
Robyn Grady - SOLD!
Donna Kowalczyk
Ten Finals..........
Tina M. Novinski-Radcliffe
Nine Finals.........
Kathleen Beaver aka Kate Carlisle
Deb Yates
Eight Finals........
Christine Diehm - SOLD!
Kimberley Howe
Jennie Manlick
Cyn/Cindy Marolt - SOLD!
Jodi Redford
Stacey Lynn Reimer - SOLD!
Sharon Wray
J. L. Wilson - SOLD!
Seven Finals.......
Donna Caubarreaux
Catherine Chant
Karen Davenport
Jane Langdell Robinson
Inara Scott
Six Finals......
Diane Burke
Jennifer Haymore
Kimberly Duffy aka Lindsey Brookes
Dorothy Mays
Mona Risk
Donna Rosenbloom
Kathleen Warner
Five Finals.....
Amy Atwell
Vannetta Chapman
Mary Ann Chulick
Diane Della Maggiora
Lisa A. Diaz
Carol Ericson - SOLD!
Judi Fennell
Caroline Fyffe
Jenny Gardiner
Nancy Holland
Lorrie Ann Kruse
Corrina Lavitt
Shelia Rae Z. Mohs
Bev Pettersen
Pam Palmer Poulsen
Theresa Ragan
Vicki Tharp
DeAnne Wildes-Mickelson
Four Finals....
Terry Irene Blain
Kerensa Brougham
Alan Chaput
Kathleen Cherry
Alice Clary
Dani Collins
Jerre Ferns
Gail Foreman
Sharon Forret
Teryl Myers Hager
Courtney Hoffman
Ruth Kaufman
Sandra Kerns
Cathy/Catherine Leming
Catherine McClain
Virginia McCullough
Kristina Y. McMorris
Barbara Monajem
Kristen Painter
Diane Ramsey
Kathy Shaw
Anna Sudgen
Carol Webb

Three Finals...
Delilah Ahrendt
Alexandra Nakis Alichos
Kathy Altman
Sarah Andre
Cynthia Anstey
Joanne Barnaba
Mary Biebel
TJ Bittick
Teri Bradburn
Jena Brown
Teresa Elliott Brown
Sheryl Carpenter
Patricia Canavan
Anne Crowder
Jaclyn DiBona
Gillian Doyle
Natalie Eggeman
Allison Fippinger
Maureen Fisher
Karen Foley - SOLD!
Mary Gardner
Angela Gwinner
S. L. Hardwick
Donna Hatch
Elysa Hendricks
Erin Hudson
Melissa James
Christy Janisse
Laura Jochum
Darynda Jones
Robin Kawczynski
Christine Keach
Kim Kerr
Maggi Landry
Jean Mason
Anitra Lynn McLeod
Maya Milhous
Anna Muzzy
Brenda Nelson-Davis
Stacey Joy Netzel
Terry Odell
Diane Owens
Dorrie Parini
Susan Kenney Paytas
Melinda Porter
Mary Reiber
Rachel Robinson
Pamela Roller
Cate Rowan
Laurie Saloman
Dee Scheffler
Karen Seaton
Joy Smith
Jean Hart Stewart
Elizabeth Stock
Teri Thackson
Cheryl Wilson
Roberta Winegard
Danniele Worsham
Cheryl Wyatt - SOLD!
Michelle Ann Young
Two Finals..
Gabriella Anderson
Donnell Ann Bell
Kathy Bennett
Debra Bess
Nicole Bovard
Kate Bowman
Marilee Brothers
Karen Brown
Maggie Brown
Peggy Brown
Teri Brown
Stephanie Buchanan
Wendy Byrne
Sharon Calvin
Linda Carroll-Bradd
Pat Casiello
Stefani Catenzaro
Brooke Chapman
Susan Charnley
Tera Lynn Childs
Kathie Clare
Catherine Cockburn
Katey Coffing
Lynda Coker
Lisa Cooke
Laurie Cooper
Stacy Cornell
Sara Creasy
Brenna Crowder
Vicki Crum
Laura Cumbie
Patricia Detweiler
Leslie Dicken - SOLD!
Jodie Dittman
Marissa Doyle
Kay Dykes
Donnell Epperson
Mary Fechter
Patti Fischer/Fisher
Lauren Ford
Barbara Fraire
Denise Frost - SOLD!
Gail Fuller
Andrea Geist
Deborah Gilbert
Michelle Gilles
Sonja Goedde
Eileen Goldman
Joan Goodman
Robena Grant
Debbie Graves
Sherrill Green
Sarah Gross
Dawn Groszek
Melissa Haack
JoAnn Haberer
Renee Hagar
Laurie Hahn
Pamela Hathaway
Juli/Julie Heaton
Tiffinie Helmer
Alison Henderson
Kathryn Hern
Nancy Herriman
Wanda Hogan
Michele Paige Holmes
Rita Horiguchi
L. Faye Hughes
Patience Jackson
Nadele/Nadelle Jacobs
Christine E. Johnson
Deborah Johnson
Tammy Johnson
Laurel Jue
Mary Kaye
Kathryn Kelly/Kelley
Cathy Keister
Sandra Kerns
Lyndell "Babe" King
Kathy Kulig
Doris M. Lemcke
Ginny Lester
Diana Loftin
Patrice Luneski
Gabrielle Luthy
Maggie Lynch
Janice Lynn - SOLD!
Susan Lyons
Greta MacEachern
Debra K. Maher
Carol/Carolann Malley
Laura Martello
Cheryl Martin
Carolyn Matkowsky
Melissa Mayhue
Jennifer McAndrews
Elaine Meece
Lynda Mikulski - SOLD!
Trish Milburn
Patricia Morgan
Betsy Norman
Vonda Ogle
Mal Olson
Annie Oortman
Debra Hall Ownbey
Karen E. Papandrew
Jody Payne
Susan Peek
Catherine Pegau
Jean Marie Peragine
Anna Perrin
Belinda Peterson
Elaine M. Powell
Michelle Pressma
Doreen Rebh
Gail Reinhart
Alix Rickloff
Erica Ridley
Heidi Rice
Kelly Riley
Michelle D. Rodgers
Paula Roe
Lee Roland
Karen Sandler
Jennifer Satterfield
Jan Scarbrough
Nancy Schneider
Melanie Scott
Cathie Shaffer
Susan Shay
Andrea Shuman
Lynne Simpson
Cheryl Skoglund
Carolyn Slaughter
Robin Sorrentino
Lori Sowell
Mary Stahlke
Karen Steele
Linda Steinberg
Patti/Patty Stern
Marian Stevens
Pamela Stone
Sally Stotter/Strotter
Carla Swafford
Jennifer Talty
Laurie Temple
Robbie Terman
Beth Trissel
Philine Tucker
Susan Heinzig Turnbull
Leanne Tyler
Candice Vetter
Kristin Wallace
Amy Wang
Cassandra Ward
Lisa Watson
Marilyn Weigel
Joleen Wieser/Jolene Weiser
Oberon Wonch
Kim Wooldridge
Julie Woolley

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